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The Horizon DG505G CBRS dongle adds reliable wireless 5G NR & LTE dual connectivity to laptops, tablets and other devices with a USB interface. Powered by Mediatek T750 chipset, this dongle achieves blazing-fast 5G Sub-6GHz connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Horizon DG505G provides greater speed and range for smooth online conferencing, HD video streaming, file transfer and much more. It is the ultimate connected CBSD solution implemented in a variety of private network facilities, warehouses, universities, medical facilities, retail chains, and much more.

The DG505G works seamlessly across Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, MacOS and iPadOS offering a straightforward plug and play solution, without the need for installing drivers. The lightweight design weighing just 42g is perfect for users looking for flexibility, convenience, and consistent, high-speed connectivity on the go.

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MediaTek T750 Chipset

The Horizon 5G/LTE USB dongle is equipped with T750, a highly integrated, 7nm compact chipset design with an integrated 5G radio and quad-core Arm CPU. It’s full-featured with all the essential functions and peripherals for device makers to build high performance CPE products in the smallest size and the lowest power consumption.

This 5G dongle achieves an impressive 4.7Gbps right out the box and avoids the costs of laying down cables or fiber. Users can take advantage of 5G capabilities, high bandwidth and low latency to offer 5G FWA services supporting fiber-like experience for consumers and businesses.

Meditek T750 in Horizon 505G

Remote Management​

The remote management supports Web GUI. From the Horizon Powered DMS platform, you can see what’s happening on your network, check device usage and share your network with friends. The software enables provisioning, management and support of modems, routers, hotspots and VoIP devices. The solution is based on a TR-069 standard and enables dramatic reduction of the provisioning costs and support for non-technical users.

Horizon's DMS Software Device Management Server

DG505G: High Speed Connectivity

Take full advantage of ultra-fast speeds so you can enjoy rapid file downloads, uninterrupted HD movies, music, video chat and business meetings in densely populated locations, urban and remote areas. The 5G technology reduces latency enabling activities like real-time streaming smoother and more responsive.

Thanks to the power of 5G networks, get enhanced coverage and faster speeds for your device. Now you don’t have to worry about using slow public WiFi during your business trips. You can set up your own secured 5G network and take care of all your important tasks on the go. This is an ideal solution for business work group who needs independent and secured internet connection.

New 5G Experience in All Scenarios

The Horizon DG505G CBRS dongle is well suited for the B2B purposes such as remote factory exhibition demo, 360 degree camera for smart construction, offices and agriculture, but also meets the requirements of consumers for example for use in leisure and entertainment, vacations and outdoor activities.

Wireless Access
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Smart Devices

The Horizon DG505G dongle allows users to enable laptops, tablets, desktops and other devices with a USB interface to access the Internet and experience all the advantages of 5G connectivity. Make the connection uninterrupted, faster and more secure for suburban, rural and less developed areas that struggle with access to current wireless services and signals.

Portable Design

The Horizon DG505G weighing just 42g features an ultra-compact design for minimal obstruction. This dongle is ideal for those who need on-the-go access to fast and reliable internet connection. Its smart status, trio-color LED indicator allows users to monitor connection status at a glance.

Horizon Powered 505G provides high speed, low latency broadband internet access without the wires, combined with multi-layer encryption. Enjoy the advantages of blazing-fast 5G Sub-6GHz connectivity, exceptional 5G performance, cross-platform compatibility and plug-and-play simplicity. Horizon’s 505G 5G Dongle offers users unmatched flexibility and convenience for experiencing 5G networks on the go.All our devices are Horizon CBRS ready. Talk to our team of experts to learn more.

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Main Features

DMS IconHorizon DMS

Web UI


Dual Connectivity

3 1 Plug & Play

Universal Connectivity 

5 2Powered By 
MediaTek T750 Chipset

2 1Type C 

Horizon DG505G 5G CBRS ready Dongle Data Sheet

The Horizon DG505G: Bridging the Connectivity Divide with 5G and CBRS

In an increasingly connected world, the need for reliable and high-speed internet connectivity has never been more crucial. Whether you’re a business professional on the move, a student seeking seamless online education, or simply someone who values fast and dependable internet access, the Horizon Powered DG505G 5G NR Dongle emerges as a pioneering solution. This compact device bridges the connectivity gap for laptops, tablets, and various portable devices that lack cellular connectivity. Powered by the formidable MediaTek T750 chipset, it ushers in the era of blazing-fast 5G Sub-6GHz connectivity, promising a seamless internet experience, regardless of your location.


CBRS in the Horizon DG505G USB Dongle

  1. Enhanced Performance: The use of the CBRS spectrum band enhances the performance of the DG505G. This band is capable of delivering high data speeds, making it ideal for data-intensive applications like streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing. Users can expect a robust and consistent internet experience, even in areas with high network demand.
  2. Improved Coverage and Capacity: CBRS technology allows for improved coverage and capacity, which is crucial for scenarios where multiple devices and users are simultaneously accessing the network. The DG505G can support connectivity for up to 32 devices, and the CBRS spectrum helps ensure that each device receives a reliable and strong signal.
  3. Quality of Service (QoS): CBRS enables Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, allowing network operators to prioritize specific applications or users based on their needs. This means that critical applications, such as business operations or emergency services, can be given priority to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.
  4. Dynamic Spectrum Sharing: CBRS technology incorporates dynamic spectrum sharing, which means that the spectrum can be efficiently allocated and shared among different users and services. This dynamic allocation of spectrum resources optimizes network performance and minimizes interference, ensuring a stable and efficient connection for DG505G users.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: The Horizon DG505G CBRS USB dongle complies with FCC regulations for operating in the CBRS spectrum band, ensuring that it operates within the legal framework established for this spectrum. This compliance is essential to maintain a secure and interference-free wireless environment.

CBRS technology plays a pivotal role in the Horizon DG505G USB dongle, enabling it to deliver enhanced performance, improved coverage, and efficient spectrum management. It caters to the connectivity needs of multiple users and devices while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. The inclusion of CBRS technology reinforces the DG505G’s position as a high-performance and reliable wireless hotspot for users seeking seamless and dependable internet access.

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MediaTek T750 Chipset for Unrivaled Performance

Deep within the technological heart of the Horizon DG505G 5G NR Dongle resides a true marvel of modern engineering: the MediaTek T750 chipset. This chipset is no ordinary component; it’s a powerhouse that forms the nucleus of the DG505G, driving its exceptional performance and unlocking the full potential of portable 5G connectivity.

7nm Compact Design: A Feat of Miniaturization

The MediaTek T750 chipset is an engineering feat characterized by its compact 7nm design. This miniature marvel packs an incredible amount of processing power into a diminutive form factor. The advantages of this compactness are twofold. Firstly, it enables the DG505G to maintain its sleek and portable profile, ensuring that users can effortlessly carry it with them wherever they go. Secondly, this compact design is a testament to the cutting-edge semiconductor technology employed by MediaTek, resulting in energy efficiency and reduced heat generation.

Integrated 5G Radio: The Heart of 5G Connectivity

At the heart of the MediaTek T750 chipset lies an integrated 5G radio. This integration is a game-changer because it eliminates the need for external components or devices to achieve 5G connectivity. Unlike traditional setups that require costly cable or fiber installations, the DG505G, with its integrated 5G radio, is ready to deliver breathtaking 5G speeds right out of the box. It’s a plug-and-play revolution that simplifies the path to ultra-fast internet, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Quad-Core Arm CPU: Processing Prowess

The MediaTek T750 chipset doesn’t stop at providing 5G connectivity; it also boasts a quad-core Arm CPU. This CPU serves as the brains of the operation, ensuring that the DG505G can handle the most demanding online activities with ease. Whether you’re streaming high-definition video content, engaging in cloud-based applications, or multitasking on your portable device, the quad-core Arm CPU ensures that your experience is smooth, responsive, and devoid of lag.

4.7Gbps: Blazing-Fast Speeds

One of the defining characteristics of the MediaTek T750 chipset is its ability to achieve an impressive 4.7Gbps right out of the box. This speed is not just fast; it’s mind-bogglingly swift. It transforms the DG505G into a speed demon, capable of downloading large files in the blink of an eye and facilitating seamless real-time online experiences. Whether you’re a professional collaborating with colleagues worldwide or a gamer seeking low-latency connections, the DG505G, powered by the MediaTek T750 chipset, ensures that you’re always ahead of the curve.

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The MediaTek T750 chipset is the beating heart of the Horizon DG505G 5G NR Dongle. It’s not merely a component; it’s the driving force behind the device’s exceptional performance. This chipset embodies the relentless pursuit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of portable 5G connectivity. With its integrated 5G radio, quad-core Arm CPU, and mind-blowing 4.7Gbps speeds, it’s not just redefining the rules—it’s rewriting the playbook for connectivity, ensuring that the DG505G stands at the forefront of the 5G revolution.

2. Advanced Encryption Technology for Enhanced Security

A Fortified Firewall

At the core of the DG505G’s security arsenal lies a robust built-in firewall. This isn’t just any firewall; it’s a virtual bulwark that stands between your data and potential internet attacks. Imagine it as the impenetrable gatehouse of a medieval castle, allowing only those with the proper credentials to enter.

This firewall acts as a sentinel, monitoring incoming and outgoing data traffic with unparalleled vigilance. It analyzes data packets, scrutinizes their origins and destinations, and applies stringent rules to ensure that only authorized data enters or leaves your network. It’s a tireless guardian that works silently, 24/7, to fend off any attempts to breach your digital fortress.

Industry-Standard Security Protocols

The Horizon DG505G doesn’t stop at a firewall; it employs a formidable array of industry-standard security protocols to fortify your digital defenses. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2, for instance, are like impregnable locks on your virtual doors, ensuring that only individuals with the correct cryptographic keys can access your network. It’s akin to having a secure vault where your data resides, and you hold the key.

MAC (Media Access Control) address filtering takes security a step further. It’s like having a bouncer at the entrance of an exclusive club, allowing only the VIP guests to enter. With MAC address filtering, only devices with approved MAC addresses can connect to your network, thwarting any attempts by unauthorized devices to gain access.

Confidence in Every Click

With the Horizon DG505G, you can navigate the digital landscape with unwavering confidence. Whether you’re conducting critical business transactions, communicating with colleagues, or simply browsing the web for personal purposes, you can do so knowing that your online activities are shielded from potential threats.

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It’s not just data security; it’s peace of mind. It’s the assurance that your digital interactions occur in a secure and protected environment. In a world where data is often referred to as the new gold, the Horizon DG505G takes the responsibility of safeguarding your digital treasures seriously.

3. Remote Management for Unparalleled Convenience

A User-Friendly Web GUI: Your Control Center

Imagine having a control center at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. That’s precisely what the Horizon DG505G offers with its user-friendly Web Graphical User Interface (GUI). This interface is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind, making network management a breeze even for those without a deep technical background.

From the Web GUI, you gain complete visibility into your network’s inner workings. You can monitor network activity, track device usage, and access critical performance metrics with just a few clicks. It’s like having a digital command center where you can survey the battlefield and make strategic decisions effortlessly.

The Horizon Device Management Server (DMS): Your Network Orchestrator

At the heart of the DG505G’s remote management capabilities lies the Horizon Device Management Server (DMS) platform. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a powerful orchestrator that empowers you to manage your network with finesse and precision. Built on the TR-069 standards, it adheres to best practices in network management, ensuring seamless compatibility and efficiency.

DMS acts as the central nervous system of your network, allowing you to oversee and control multiple DG505G devices from a single, centralized location. It streamlines the deployment of configurations, firmware updates, and troubleshooting tasks. No more sending technicians on-site for routine maintenance; DMS enables remote device management, reducing downtime and minimizing operational costs.

Efficiency, Reliability, and Reduced Downtime

In the fast-paced world of digital connectivity, efficiency and reliability are non-negotiable. The DG505G, with its remote management capabilities, ensures that your network operates at peak performance levels. It empowers you to proactively address issues, deploy updates, and optimize settings, all from the comfort of your control center.

The result? Reduced downtime, enhanced network stability, and seamless connectivity for your users. Imagine being able to diagnose and resolve issues before they impact your operations or users’ experience. That’s the power of remote management with the DG505G.

A Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age

In a landscape where connectivity is the lifeblood of businesses and organizations, having a solution that offers remote management is more than just a convenience; it’s a strategic advantage. The Horizon DG505G, with its sophisticated remote management capabilities, positions itself as the go-to choice for those who value network efficiency, control, and reliability.

4. High-Speed Connectivity Redefined

5G Technology: A Quantum Leap

At the heart of the DG505G’s high-speed prowess lies 5G technology, a quantum leap in the world of wireless connectivity. It’s not an incremental improvement; it’s a revolution. With 5G, the DG505G offers enhanced coverage that spans urban jungles and tranquil country sides alike.

Imagine strolling through a bustling city, surrounded by towering skyscrapers and a sea of people. In such densely populated urban areas, network congestion is a common woe. However, the DG505G doesn’t flinch; it thrives. With its 5G capabilities, it navigates through the digital traffic with ease, delivering seamless and uninterrupted internet access. It’s like having a dedicated, high-speed lane on a crowded highway, ensuring that your online experience remains smooth and responsive.

Now, picture a serene countryside, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. While the surroundings are tranquil, the connectivity can often be challenging. Remote regions may have limited access to traditional wired infrastructure. In such scenarios, the DG505G shines as a beacon of hope. Its 5G technology extends its embrace even to these remote areas, offering superior speeds and reliable connectivity. It’s like bringing the heart of the city to the countryside, ensuring that you’re never disconnected from the digital world.

Business Traveler’s Best Companion

For the modern business traveler, independence and security are paramount. The DG505G understands these needs implicitly. It’s not just a dongle; it’s a trusted companion that ensures you remain connected on your journeys, no matter where your business takes you.

Imagine jetting off to different cities for meetings, presentations, and negotiations. Each time you land in a new location, you need a secure and independent internet connection. The DG505G steps in effortlessly, providing you with a private network that you can rely on. It’s like having your own portable office, ensuring that you can access critical data, communicate with colleagues, and stay productive without depending on public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

The Future of High-Speed Connectivity

In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, high-speed connectivity is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. The Horizon DG505G doesn’t just meet this necessity; it sets new standards for what high-speed connectivity should be. It’s your gateway to a future where distance and density are no longer barriers to a seamless online experience.

So, whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of a metropolis or basking in the tranquility of nature’s embrace, the Horizon DG505G ensures that your connection to the digital world remains unwavering. It’s not just about high-speed connectivity; it’s about redefining what’s possible in the digital age.

Technical Specifications

Chipset: MediaTek T750

Memory / Storage: LPDDR4 1GB / Flash 1GB

5G Sub-6 NR Bands (EMEA / APAC): n41, n48, n78

LTE Bands (EMEA / APAC): B41, B48

5G Sub-6 NR Bands (NA): n41, n48, n78

LTE Bands (NA): B41, B48

Cellular Compliance: 5G NR & LTE dual connectivity; LTE Cat-19 DL, Cat-18 UL

Status Indicator: Trio colors LED x1

Power: USB Type-C

Color: White / Black

Dimension: 75 x 45.3 x 7.8mm / 42g

Platform Support: Windows 11, Windows 10, Linux, Chrome OS, MacOS, iPadOS

Management: Web GUI, TR-069 Compatible.

The Horizon DG505G: A Gateway to the Future of Connectivity

The Horizon DG505G 5G NR Dongle represents more than just a technological leap; it’s a gateway to the future of connectivity. With the power of 5G and CBRS at your fingertips, this compact device empowers laptops, tablets, and a range of other devices with seamless and high-speed internet access. Whether you’re a professional seeking productivity on the go, a student with a thirst for knowledge, or an individual who simply demands reliable connectivity, the DG505G is poised to transform your digital experience.

In a world where connectivity is king, the Horizon DG505G reigns supreme. It doesn’t just offer connectivity; it offers a window to a future where speed, security, and convenience converge. It’s a testament to human innovation, a symbol of our relentless pursuit of technological excellence, and a promise that the future of connectivity is here, today, with the Horizon DG505G.

Frequently Asked Questions about DG505G

A: The Horizon DG505G supports 5G NR Sub-6 GHz bands n41, n48, n78, in NR modes. This allows the device to achieve multi-gigabit 5G speeds on major cellular carriers.

Yes, the Horizon broadband device DG505G supports CBRS Band 48, allowing it to take advantage of CBRS private LTE and 5G networks for industrial and enterprise use cases.

It supports connectivity through nano-SIM and works seamlessly across Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, MacOS and iPadOS without requiring any driver installation.

The Horizon wireless devices DG505G features a convenient Type C interface, allowing for easy plug-and-play connectivity with a wide range of laptops, tablets, and other USB Type C enabled devices.

The Horizon’s DG505G is available for purchase from our distributors.
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Email: info@horizonpowered.com

Yes, the Horizon DG505G is a plug and play device that does not require any driver installation. Just plug the dongle into the USB port of your computer, laptop, or device and it will be ready to connect to LTE networks.

A: The DG505G’’s plug and play functionality works on most modern Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X, and various distributions of Linux in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Specific supported systems are Windows 2000 and higher, Linux, and Mac OS X and higher.