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Super - fast, reliable 4G LTE & 5G internet for home & office space

Advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology delivers higher speeds, consistent connectivity and the ability to connect unlimited devices simultaneously.

Horizon's MH51 5G indoor Router and HH500C 5G MiFi Hotspot

Give Them Coverage Where it Matters

Our wide range of 5G products provides ultra-fast internet access, low latency and overall consistent performance even in the most challenging environments.

Horizon's 25005G a outdoor 5G CPE

Main Features

5G Cellular Modem

Industrial –grade Router

Robust Wireless Coverage

Long Battery Life

Unparalleled Performance

Get blazing fast, reliable internet access of the Horizon Powered 5G network. So you can watch high-definition videos, work and games without any interruptions. You can select from various models with configurations as per your needs.

Horizon's 5G devices including HZ51 indoor router, cc5005G CCTV 5G camera, MH500C a MIFI device, IR2005G industrial 5G router, 25005G An Outdoor 5G router
Horizon's DMS Software Device Management Server

Innovative Technology

Featuring Wi-Fi 6 CBRS Band support you can expect higher transmission rates, lower latency, and superior coverage for simultaneous communication between multiple devices. It is the perfect choice for home or out-of-office use.

Easy Set Up

Our built hardware and software ensure that your device works seamlessly.

Our high-gain directional antennas consistently outperform competitor products.

Long-lasting battery life allows you to work even in the most remote places.

Which 5G product is right for you?

Access fast-speed 5G internet for home, office, IoT, and industrial applications

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How to buy

If you have any questions about our products, reach out to our team of experts who will help you every step of the way.


The Horizon wireless devices IR2005G is an industrial router with a ruggedized enclosure and internal components built to handle temperature extremes, moisture and dust, and provide secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilise cellular carrier networks.

The Horizon wireless device IR2005D is a 5G industrial router.

A: The IR2005G supports 5G/NSA/SA 5G NR: n1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 18/ 20/ 25/ 26/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 38/ 40/ 41/ 48/ 66/ 70/ 71/ 75/ 76/ 77/ 78/ 79 LTE-FDD: B1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 25/ 26/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 32/66/ 71 LTE-TDD B34/ 38/ 39/ 40/ 41/ 42/ 43/ 46 / 48. It can achieve speeds up to 3.4Gbps DL.

A: Yes, the IR2005G has built-in 802.11n/ac WiFi with 4 x SMA antenna.

It provides 5x Gigabit Ethernet (4x LAN, 1X LAN/1x WAN Configurable)

Management can be done via local/remote GUI, Telnet/SSH, Horizon DMS Platform and TR069.

Yes, the Horizon wireless devices IR2005G is compatible with Horizon Cloud DMS. This allows for remote and centralized management of multiple Horizon devices through the cloud. With Horizon Cloud DMS, administrators can manage and update deployments of IR2005G routers remotely without needing physical access to each device. This reduces management overhead and improves efficiency.

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