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The Horizon Powered‘s 2100F12 is a secured, highly advanced, LTE outdoor multi-service EUD, CAT B CPE-CBSD designed to support a variety of advanced data functions for residential, business, and enterprise users. Service providers can deliver high-speed broadband services to their customers over the last mile using the shared-spectrum of the CBRS over 4G technology.

2100F12 is FCC part 96 certified and CBRS ready device with a built-in SAS (Spectrum Access System) client to increase your service reach thanks to high-power signal transmissions and 4×4 MIMO high-gain directional antennas.

The rugged IP68 rated outdoor design enables it to work in rough weather and remote locations can be installed in farms, manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, parks or anywhere requiring a robust wireless solution.

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Horizon Powered's 2100F12 CBRS Outdoor CPE Inside View
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Incredible Data Rates

Peak data rates of 560Mbps downlink and low latency for enhanced user experience. 4×4 MIMO Patented Dual-Pol Dual-Slant antenna technology ensures faster and more efficient bi-directional transmission. These Horizon devices support LTE band 48 CBRS which allows for improved wireless connectivity and better network performance.

2100F12: Easy installation

In many commercial locations such as airports, hotels, hospitals, a WiFi connection isn’t the best option to keep all the devices connected and in sync. That is why many companies are giving preference to outdoor routers or in other words setting up their own Wide Area Networks. Horizon Internet 2100F12 is packaged with Gigabit PoE Injector, mounting bracket, Flooded CAT5e, and ground wire.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that integrates data and power over an Ethernet cable to provide greater flexibility in the modern workplace environment. PoE makes it possible to supply power to network devices such as wireless access points, network cameras, and IP phones among others since it integrates power into a single standard LAN infrastructure.

There are numerous advantages of using PoE starting with easy installation and less costly as you don’t have to hire an electrician for the sole purpose of setting up. This will save you both time and money. PoE devices such as wireless access points can be located and repositioned anywhere as they are not tethered to an electrical outlet. This makes them flexible for any business to use. The safety factor is well taken into consideration while designing these routers. These CBRS devices are well protected from incorrect installation, under powering and overload.

2100F12: Built to last

IP-68 hardened enclosure design with industrial grade components ensure complete protection from rain, sun, snow, frost and flurry, making 2100F12 the ideal choice for deployment in rural and hard to reach places.

Electrical products made for outdoor settings must have high levels of ingress protection to handle the outdoor elements including rain, frost and more. Outdoor routers, for example, could be majorly compromised in the event of torrential rains and leave areas with network delays causing major disturbance in work and activities. IP68 certified products offer superior protection for superior performance in spite of weather conditions or placement.

Horizon internet devices that are assigned an IP certification are tested thoroughly to ensure it is up to the standard of the rating. Products should be designed with the desired IP rating in mind, factoring in the product use and exposure to possible ingress materials. Without IP consideration at the design stage, products may fall short of the desired IP requirements. All the necessary requirements are well taken care of so that you don’t face any issues while using Horizon WiFi 2100F12.

Secure network

The advanced VPN features protect against attacks over the Internet and prevent unauthorized access to your network. Security functionality includes: built-in NAT firewall, IP address filtering, URL filtering, MAC address filtering to enhance the level of transmission security and access control over the Wireless LAN. Firewall can be enabled or disabled via GUI. Firmware upgrade and configuration data upload/download is made possible through web GUI.

Remote management of devices

The Horizon Wifi 2100F12 is remotely managed thanks to Device Management Server (DMS). There is no need to spend extra money on additional service or get support from ISPs or to rent additional DSL line for remote access. DMS offers a comprehensive, fully featured and robust solution to automate the deployment and support of your device data, maintenance, and metrics.

CBRS Outdoor CPE

Main Features


Speeds up to 560Mbps Downlink and 30Mbps Uplink


CBRS Support

Supports LTE-TDD Band 48


IP68 Hardened Enclosure

with industrial grade components


Built-in 4×4 MIMO

high power dual-polarized and dual-slant directional antennas

LTE Category CAT 12 3GPP Release 12
LTE SpeedsTDD: DL 560Mbps/UL30Mbps
Supported BandsLTE – TDD: B42/B43/B48
ChipsetGCT GDM7243
Operational ModeSupport NAT, Router, Bridge Passthrough
Bandwidth & Modulation1.4 MHZ, 3, 5, 10, 20 MHz & 256QAM DL 64QAM UL
MIMO & CALTE 4×4 MIMO & up to 4CA
Ports1 x RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps (Power + Data Port) with POE adaptor
SIM 2FF Mini Sim Card
Network SelectionPCI Lock, EARFCN Lock/Band Lock
Environmental Protection IP68 rugged enclosure to protect form water and dust ingress
Enclosure Material

Die Cast Sur-Tec Treated Alloy

CertificationFCC Part 96 Certified


The Horizon 2100F12 is a secured, highly advanced LTE outdoor CPE designed to meet the needs of residential, business, and enterprise users. It features with a high Gain directional antenna to provide an efficient way to pick up and maintain a stable long-range connection.

Yes, the Horizon 2100F12 supports CBRS Band 48, allowing it to take advantage of CBRS private LTE and 4G networks for industrial and enterprise use cases.

The Horizon 2100F12 is equipped with WiFi 20MHz (802.11bg) with 4x4 MIMO, providing fast and reliable wireless connectivity.

It features an IP68-rated hardened enclosure with industrial grade components for protection against dust, water and other environmental factors.

It has one SIM card slot supporting 2FF mini sim card.

Horizon 2100F12 CBRS Outdoor CPE

The Horizon Powered’s 2100F12, a secure and advanced LTE outdoor multi-service End User Device (EUD), offers a cutting-edge solution to meet these connectivity demands. This article explores the technical specifications and key features of the Horizon 2100F12 CBRS Outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and its potential applications.

The Horizon 2100F12 is designed as a Category B CPE-CBSD (Citizen Broadband Radio Service Device) capable of operating within the CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) band. It is equipped with advanced data capabilities to cater to the needs of residential, business, and enterprise users. The device has received FCC Part 96 certification, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

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CBRS in Horizon 2100F12

The Horizon 2100F12, a cutting-edge outdoor multi-service EUD, boasts exceptional capabilities in the realm of CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) support. In particular, it is tailored to excel within the LTE-TDD Band 48 spectrum. This deliberate alignment empowers service providers with a shared-spectrum approach, which, in turn, facilitates the efficient delivery of high-speed broadband services. This article explores the significance of CBRS support in the Horizon 2100F12 and its implications, particularly in the context of last-mile connectivity.

A CBRS-Centric Solution

The Horizon 2100F12 is strategically engineered to harness the opportunities presented by the CBRS band, with a specific focus on LTE-TDD Band 48. This approach signifies a pivotal shift in the provisioning of broadband services, offering numerous advantages.

Efficient Broadband Delivery

The utilization of CBRS, specifically LTE-TDD Band 48, enables service providers to streamline the delivery of high-speed broadband services. This efficiency is particularly pronounced in the last mile connectivity segment, where access can often be challenging.

Shared-Spectrum Dynamics

CBRS introduces a shared-spectrum paradigm, allowing multiple service providers to coexist harmoniously within the same frequency band. This shared-spectrum approach eliminates congestion concerns and promotes a conducive environment for delivering high-speed broadband services.

Enhanced Coverage and Capacity

The Horizon 2100F12’s support for CBRS empowers service providers to enhance their coverage and capacity. The utilization of this band extends the reach of broadband services to previously under served or difficult-to-reach areas.

Spectrum Access System (SAS) Integration

A noteworthy feature of the Horizon 2100F12 is its built-in Spectrum Access System (SAS) client. This integration further optimizes spectrum usage, increasing service reach through high-power signal transmissions.

The Horizon 2100F12’s support for CBRS, particularly within the LTE-TDD Band 48 spectrum, marks a significant advancement in the realm of high-speed broadband delivery. This shared-spectrum approach not only enhances efficiency but also promotes broader coverage and capacity, addressing the critical need for reliable connectivity, particularly in the challenging last mile. As technology continues to evolve, solutions like the Horizon 2100F12 play a pivotal role in meeting the growing demands for connectivity in an increasingly interconnected world.

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High-Speed Data Connectivity

The Horizon 2100F12 emerges as a formidable player in the realm of outdoor connectivity, offering users an unparalleled experience. With peak data rates reaching up to 560Mbps on the downlink, this remarkable device redefines the standards for seamless internet experiences. The Device signifies high-speed data connectivity, emphasizing its critical role in both residential and commercial environments.

A Beacon of Speed

At the heart of the Horizon 2100F12 lies an impressive capability – the ability to deliver peak data rates of up to 560Mbps on the downlink. This capacity, while technically impressive, holds profound implications for users across various domains.

Seamless Browsing and Streaming

The high-speed data connectivity afforded by the Horizon 2100F12 ensures that users can engage in seamless web browsing and uninterrupted streaming of content. This translates into a frustration-free internet experience, where lag and buffering become distant memories.

Business Productivity

Time is money in the world of commerce. The Horizon 2100F12’s high-speed data rates enable businesses to optimize productivity, facilitating swift data transfers, cloud-based applications, and uninterrupted video conferencing.

Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

The Horizon 2100F12 shines in an era where bandwidth-intensive applications are the norm. Whether it’s online gaming, 4K video streaming, or large file downloads, this device ensures that the demands of such applications are met with ease.

Residential Bliss

At home, high-speed data connectivity is a cornerstone of modern living. From online education and telecommuting to streaming entertainment and smart home applications, the Horizon 2100F12 transforms residences into hubs of seamless connectivity.

Commercial Prowess

For commercial entities, especially those in the tech and digital sectors, the Horizon 2100F12 becomes a strategic asset. Its capacity to support high-speed data connectivity bolsters competitiveness and innovation.

The Horizon 2100F12’s high-speed data connectivity capabilities redefine what users can expect from their internet experiences. Whether for leisurely browsing, conducting business operations, or indulging in bandwidth-intensive applications, this device stands as a beacon of speed and reliability. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, high-speed data connectivity remains paramount, and the Horizon 2100F12 rises to the occasion, delivering seamless and uninterrupted connectivity to users across residential and commercial domains.

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Robust Outdoor Design

The Horizon 2100F12 takes a bold stance In the pursuit of unfaltering performance with its robust outdoor design. Shielded by an IP68-rated hardened enclosure and fortified with industrial-grade components, this device emerges as a resilient force capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions. Its adaptability extends to a diverse range of deployment locations, encompassing farms, manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, and parks.

IP68-Rated Enclosure

The device boasts an IP68-rated enclosure, signifying its ability to endure the most challenging environmental conditions. The IP68 rating guarantees protection against both water and dust ingress, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in the face of adverse weather.

Industrial-Grade Components

What truly sets the Horizon 2100F12 apart is its reliance on industrial-grade components. These components are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and mechanical stress, thereby fortifying the device against wear and tear.

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Built-in 4×4 MIMO Antennas

The Horizon 2100F12 ascends to new heights in data transmission efficiency with its integrated 4×4 MIMO antennas. These high-gain directional antennas, augmented by 4×4 MIMO technology, catapult the device into a league of its own. The profound implications of these cutting-edge antennas, shedding light on their role in fostering faster and more efficient bi-directional data transmission. Moreover, it elucidates how this innovation bolsters signal strength and elevates network performance, transcending geographical barriers.

Harnessing MIMO Mastery

At the core of the Horizon 2100F12’s prowess lies its incorporation of 4×4 MIMO antennas, a technological marvel designed for data transmission optimization.

High-Gain Directional Antennas

The device’s high-gain directional antennas serve as beacons, focusing signal transmission and reception with precision. This targeted approach minimizes signal dispersion and maximizes efficiency.

4×4 MIMO Technology

The Horizon 2100F12 leverages 4×4 MIMO technology, a sophisticated scheme that employs multiple antennas for both transmitting and receiving data. This synergy significantly enhances data throughput and reliability.

Faster Data Transmission

The amalgamation of high-gain directional antennas and 4×4 MIMO technology translates into faster data transmission. Users experience reduced latency and quicker response times, essential for real-time applications.

Enhanced Bi-Directional Communication

Bi-directional data transmission is the lifeblood of modern connectivity. The 4×4 MIMO antennas enable seamless and efficient communication in both upstream and downstream directions, facilitating uninterrupted data exchange.

Surmounting Geographical Challenges

The significance of the built-in 4×4 MIMO antennas is most pronounced in remote and hard-to-reach areas. These antennas mitigate signal degradation and coverage gaps, ensuring that even the most challenging terrains can benefit from robust connectivity.

The Horizon 2100F12’s incorporation of 4×4 MIMO antennas ushers in a new era of data transmission efficiency. The amalgamation of high-gain directional antennas and 4×4 MIMO technology results in faster, more reliable bi-directional data communication. This innovation is not confined by geography; it conquers remote and challenging areas, bolstering connectivity where it is needed most. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the Horizon 2100F12’s 4×4 MIMO antennas emerge as a beacon of progress, ensuring that users experience seamless connectivity regardless of their location or the demands of their applications.

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Secure Network

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, network security remains paramount. The Horizon 2100F12 stands as a sentinel of security, bolstering network integrity through its advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) features. These capabilities extend beyond conventional safeguards, defending against internet attacks and thwarting unauthorized access.

Advanced VPN Features

At the heart of the Horizon 2100F12’s security arsenal lies a comprehensive suite of advanced VPN features. The device’s VPN capabilities form an impregnable shield against internet attacks, including malware, phishing, and other cyber threats. This proactive defense ensures that the network remains impervious to malicious intrusions.

Unauthorized access is a looming menace in the digital realm. The Horizon 2100F12’s VPN features erect formidable barriers, denying entry to unauthorized entities. This authentication process ensures that only authorized users gain access to the network.

The protection of sensitive data is non-negotiable in today’s data-driven world. The VPN features encrypt data during transmission, rendering it indecipherable to potential eavesdroppers. This encryption assures the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

Ensuring Network Integrity

Network integrity is the bedrock upon which the Horizon 2100F12’s security features are built. By safeguarding the network against unauthorized intrusions and data breaches, it ensures that the network’s performance and reliability remain unscathed.

The Horizon 2100F12’s advanced VPN features serve as a formidable fortress for network security. By defending against internet attacks, preventing unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive data, and preserving network integrity, they ensure that the network remains a bastion of safety in an increasingly perilous digital world. In an era where the stakes of network security are higher than ever, the Horizon 2100F12’s security features emerge as an indispensable asset, guaranteeing that sensitive data remains confidential and the network remains impervious to cyber threats.

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Remote Device Management

The Horizon 2100F12 sets a new standard In the realm of network device management, with its remote management capabilities. This device can be effortlessly overseen through the sophisticated Device Management Server (DMS). Below you will see the transformative power of remote device management, elucidating how it eliminates the need for additional services or support from ISPs. Moreover, it explores how DMS automates essential functions, including deployment, maintenance, and performance metrics, thereby simplifying the management of multiple devices. The Horizon 2100F12 heralds a paradigm shift with its remote device management capabilities, primarily facilitated by the Device Management Server (DMS).

Eliminating Dependency on ISPs

One of the standout features of remote device management is its ability to reduce reliance on Internet Service Providers (ISPs). With the Horizon 2100F12 and DMS in place, the need for additional services or ISP support is significantly diminished, freeing organizations from unnecessary dependencies.

Comprehensive Automation

DMS offers comprehensive automation for various critical aspects of device management.

Deployment Automation

The deployment process is streamlined, allowing for swift and error-free setup. This feature is particularly valuable when deploying multiple devices across diverse locations.

Maintenance Simplification

Routine maintenance tasks, such as software updates and troubleshooting, are automated through DMS. This ensures that devices are consistently up to date and minimizes downtime.

Performance Metrics

DMS provides real-time access to performance metrics, granting administrators invaluable insights into device functionality and network performance. This data-driven approach empowers proactive decision-making.

Streamlined Device Management

Perhaps the most profound impact of remote device management is its ability to streamline the management of multiple devices.

Multi-Device Coordination

For organizations with a network of Horizon 2100F12 devices, DMS acts as a centralized control hub. Administrators can efficiently coordinate and manage multiple devices from a single interface.


As network demands grow, the scalability of remote device management becomes evident. Organizations can effortlessly expand their device fleet without overwhelming their management resources.

The Horizon 2100F12’s remote device management capabilities, powered by the Device Management Server (DMS), usher in a new era of operational efficiency. By reducing dependence on ISPs, automating critical functions, and streamlining the management of multiple devices, it empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their network infrastructure. In a world where connectivity is mission-critical, remote device management with the Horizon 2100F12 and DMS ensures that devices are optimally deployed, maintained, and monitored, enabling organizations to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of network management.

LTE CAT 12 Capability

The Horizon 2100F12 asserts its dominance in the world of wireless connectivity with its LTE Category 12 (LTE CAT 12) capability. This feature aligns seamlessly with the 3GPP Release 12 standards, setting the device on a trajectory of uncompromised compatibility with modern LTE networks

The Horizon 2100F12 stands as a testament to technological excellence, owing much of its prowess to its LTE CAT 12 capability.

 Compliant with 3GPP Release 12 Standards

At the core of this capability lies compliance with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 12 standards. These standards, recognized and adopted globally, set the foundation for advanced LTE networks.

Modern LTE Networks

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancement, the support for LTE CAT 12 ensures compatibility with modern LTE networks. This compatibility extends to the latest network infrastructure, guaranteeing that the Horizon 2100F12 remains at the forefront of connectivity.

Reliability Redefined

Perhaps the most profound implication of LTE CAT 12 capability is its contribution to reliability.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

The device’s compatibility with modern LTE networks ensures uninterrupted connectivity. Whether in the midst of streaming, video conferencing, or mission-critical data transfers, users can rely on a consistent and stable connection.


By adhering to 3GPP Release 12 standards, the Horizon 2100F12 future-proofs itself against network evolution. As networks continue to evolve, the device remains adaptable and ready to embrace emerging technologies.

The Horizon 2100F12’s LTE CAT 12 capability, aligned with 3GPP Release 12 standards, emerges as a linchpin of connectivity excellence. Its compatibility with modern LTE networks ensures that users experience seamless and reliable connectivity in an ever-changing digital landscape. As the demands for connectivity intensify, the Horizon 2100F12 stands as a beacon of reliability, setting the stage for uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity and future-proofing its role in the dynamic world of wireless technology.


The Horizon 2100F12’s versatile features and robust design make it suitable for a wide range of applications:

Rural Connectivity

In remote and rural areas with limited infrastructure, the Horizon 2100F12 can provide high-speed broadband access, bridging the digital divide and enabling residents and businesses to access essential online services.

Industrial Use

Manufacturing plants and factories can benefit from the device’s rugged design, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for critical processes and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities can deploy the Horizon 2100F12 to deliver reliable internet access for online learning, research, and administrative purposes, even in outdoor or remote locations on campuses.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can rely on the device’s robust outdoor design to maintain connectivity for vital telemedicine and administrative functions, regardless of weather conditions.

Stadiums and Parks

Sports stadiums and public parks can provide high-speed Wi-Fi access to enhance the fan or visitor experience during events and gatherings.

Technical Specifications

The Horizon 2100F12 is a testament to engineering excellence, and its technical specifications serve as a testament to its capabilities. In this section, we explore the intricacies of these specifications, shedding light on the device’s remarkable attributes.

LTE Category: CAT 12 3GPP Release 12

The device boasts LTE Category 12 (CAT 12) capability, aligning seamlessly with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 12 standards. This compatibility ensures that the device operates within the cutting-edge framework of modern LTE networks, offering impressive data speeds.

Speeds: Up to 560Mbps Downlink and 30Mbps Uplink

The Horizon 2100F12’s data speeds are truly remarkable. With a downlink speed of up to 560Mbps and an uplink speed of 30Mbps, users can indulge in high-speed internet experiences and swift data transfers.

CBRS Support: Supports LTE-TDD Band 48

Support for LTE-TDD Band 48 within the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum further extends the device’s connectivity capabilities. This support empowers service providers to deliver high-speed broadband services efficiently.

IP68 Hardened Enclosure: Designed for Unyielding Protection

The device’s IP68-rated hardened enclosure is a fortress against environmental challenges. Crafted with industrial-grade components, it ensures robust protection against water and dust ingress, making it suitable for deployment in the harshest conditions.

4×4 MIMO: Elevating Data Transmission

Built-in 4×4 MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology, enhanced by high-power dual-polarized and dual-slant directional antennas, ensures efficient data transmission. This innovation significantly enhances signal strength and network performance.

Chipset: GCT GDM7243

The device relies on the GCT GDM7243 chipset, a cornerstone of its reliable and efficient operation. This chipset is instrumental in delivering optimal performance.

Operational Modes: Versatility at Your Fingertips

The Horizon 2100F12 offers flexibility through various operational modes, including NAT (Network Address Translation), Router, and Bridge Passthrough modes. This adaptability caters to diverse network requirements.

Bandwidth & Modulation: Fine-Tuned Data Handling

The device supports a range of bandwidths, from 1.4 MHz to 20 MHz, and employs advanced modulation techniques. This fine-tuning ensures efficient data handling with 256QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) on the downlink and 64QAM on the uplink.

MIMO & CA: Enhancing Connectivity

LTE 4×4 MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) and up to 4CA (Carrier Aggregation) capabilities boost connectivity, ensuring that users experience seamless and efficient data transfer.

Ports: Connectivity Hub

With one RJ45 port supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps, the device serves as a power and data hub. The inclusion of a Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter simplifies deployment.

SIM Card: Miniaturized Connectivity

The device accommodates a 2FF Mini Sim Card, facilitating user-friendly and compact connectivity solutions.

Network Selection: Precision Control

Network selection features, including PCI Lock, EARFCN Lock, and Band Lock, offer precise control over network parameters, ensuring optimal performance.

Environmental Protection: Shielding Against the Elements

The device’s IP68-rated rugged enclosure shields it from water and dust ingress, rendering it resilient against environmental challenges.

Enclosure Material: Sur-Tec Treated Alloy

The device’s enclosure is constructed from die-cast Sur-Tec treated alloy, further enhancing its durability and longevity.

Certification: FCC Part 96 Certified

The Horizon 2100F12 is a highly capable and secure CBRS Outdoor CPE that offers exceptional data rates, rugged design, and advanced features. With its ability to operate in diverse environments and support various applications, it plays a pivotal role in expanding connectivity to under served areas and ensuring reliable internet access for critical operations. Whether in rural settings, industrial applications, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or public spaces, the Horizon 2100F12 delivers on its promise of enhanced connectivity. In an increasingly connected world, this device serves as a valuable tool for bridging the digital divide and enabling the seamless flow of data and communication.