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Demand more from your network with these indoor routers

Dramatically improve network operations with the industry’s most secure, programmable, and high performance indoor routers.

Indoor Routers

Get unparalleled performance, superior broadband internet access almost anywhere – without the wires

Horizon delivers high-performance Wi-Fi to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises better than, traditional cable, xDSL, or fiber connections, especially in remote locations.

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Built for Excellence

Easy network management at your fingertips Installation is straight forwards and simple Reliable and rugged devices that can work in any environment

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Durable, Unbeatable Price Performance

Horizon extends your reach to third party devices. Remotely view, configure or troubleshoot third party devices, all within the environment, eliminating the need for a separate and costly OOBM infrastructure.

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Faster, Wider, Stronger

The Horizon Powered Indoor routers ensure an unbreakable connection in any scenario.

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Enjoy Unbreakable Broadcast Connectivity

Achieve superior coverage, with extremely low latency and exceptional video quality.

Which 5G indoor router is right for you?

Plug and play 5G / 4G LTE indoor Wi-Fi routers for rapid and cost-effective deployment.

Horizon DMS

Device Management Server

Our Device Management Server DMS is developed in house keeping the need and privacy of fixed wireless market in mind, providing secure and reliable remote device management. DMS offers a comprehensive, fully featured and robust solution to automate the deployment and support of your device data, maintenance, and metrics for Carriers and CSPs alike Provisioning, management and support of all TR-069 devices is a core function of the DMS


How to Buy

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Our team of experts are here to ensure you find the right authorized partner for your business needs.

Indoor Routers 5G

Indoor routers are devices that perform the function of providing internet connection in a home or office setting. These are also popularly known as home routers or residential gateways.

Horizon Powered offers the best range of indoor routers designed to provide you and your family with a huge wireless footprint. The EWAN and embedded 4G/LTE interface lets you take full charge of its wireless capabilities as a router.

Seamlessly connect your entire home with reliable Wi-Fi. Enjoy high speed and secure connection for every device such as phones, computers, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security cameras. These devices are purposefully designed to provide steadfast connectivity. Among other advantages of Horizon indoor routers is that they offer exceptional coverage and an independent, and secured Wi-Fi connection.

High speeds stay high with superior heat management with these indoor routers

With superior heat management and low-latency, Horizon hardware is built for 5G gigabit speeds and reliability. Leverage Horizon technology to reserve bandwidth for high-priority connections, avoiding competing traffic or speed throttling, while continuing to other services such as customer Wi-Fi.

Enterprise-grade security

Avoid costly attacks on your business network from malicious users with Horizon device’s integrated security protocols. Multiple layers of encryption, enhanced Wi-Fi security, firewall filtering, built-in VPN support, IT admin controls and other features deliver strong security at every level.


Built for excellence

Horizon manufactured indoor routers allow you to easily manage your network management.  Installation is straight forward and simple. Rest assured, Horizon indoor routers are reliable and rugged devices that can work in any environment.

Horizon I282

Delivering comprehensive connectivity for everybody

4G/LTE VoLTE Wireless Broadband Router

The Horizon Powered I282 Wireless Broadband Router is designed to provide you and your family with a huge wireless footprint.

Plug in the SIM card and connect up to 32 devices simultaneously. This provision also eliminates the need for a fixed broadband connection. Seamlessly connect your entire home with reliable Wi-Fi. Enjoy high speed and secure connection for every device such as phones, computers, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security cameras.

Also, with VoLTE support, users can connect their existing analog telephones to the router and enjoy a wide range of telephone features, such as Call Waiting, Conference, Speed Dial, Return Call, Redial and more! Horizon Powered I282 is CBRS ready router.

Main Features


Speeds up to 600Mbps Downlink and 50Mbps Uplink

Up to 32 Connected Devices

VoLTE VoIP 2VoLTE / VoIP Enabled

Connect your home phone for calls over the internet



High Power External Antennas for strong reception

Horizon dmsDevice Management Server

DMS Compatible, TR069 Ready

Take full advantage of speeds up to 600Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink so you can enjoy rapid file downloads, uninterrupted HD movies, music, video chat, and business meetings even in remote areas. Enhanced coverage and high-power external antennas bring faster and more reliable connections for every device. 


Now you don’t have to worry about using unsafe public WiFi for your business. You can set up your own secured WiFi network and create a separate guest WiFi for up to 32 guest devices with exceptional coverage. This is an ideal solution for a business workgroup that needs an independent secured WiFi connection.


A built-in firewall protects against attacks over the Internet and industry-standard WPATM, and WPA2TM security prevents unauthorized access to your network.

Horizon I272

CBRS Indoor Router

The Horizon Wifi I272 4G LTE-A CBRS Indoor Router supports Cat. 12 and 5 GHz CBRS band by sharing their spectrums across residential, business and enterprise users. This provides your subscribers with ultra-fast internet connectivity and enables simultaneous network access without the reconstruction of wires.

Also with VoLTE support, users can connect their existing analog telephones to the router and enjoy a wide range of telephone features such as Call Waiting, Conference, Speed Dial, Return Call, Redial and more.

Our device is FCC part 96 certified and CBRS ready with a built-in SAS (Spectrum Access System) client to increase your service reach thanks to high-power signal transmissions and 4×4 MIMO high-gain antennas.

Lightning-fast internet connectivity

It employs 3GPP UE downlink Category 16, with high-level practice LTE-A technology and data rates of up to 560/30 Mbps (DL/UL). The built-in 4×4 MIMO high-performance antennas and SAS (Spectrum Access System) increase your service reach and easily satisfy the needs of HD video and VoIP applications.

Easy installation

The rugged and intuitive device design of the Horizon Powered CBRS indoor router provides your subscribers with trouble-free installation and configuration experience. It is designed to safely operate in harsh weather conditions.

Enhance efficiency of the existing network with dual-mode flexibility

It supports the bridge/router mode, allowing you to start a new deployment or upgrade services by connecting to the subscriber’s existing broadband router with a lower CAPEX.


Horizon I262

24/7 Non-Stop Connectivity

4G LTE Smart Router

The I262 4G LTE Smart Router is the perfect solution for retail business, IoT solution, SME and office emergencies that can’t afford to have a brief internet outage. With its OpenWrt supported feature, 512GB storage capacity, and a built in 5000mAh battery, you can stay connected even when your fixed broadband goes down or power fails, saving you valuable time and money.

With LTE CAT6 support, you can download at up to 300Mbps, enabling you to stream in 4K definition, make uninterrupted video calls, and browse the web seamlessly even without a fixed broadband connection. It is small and convenient that provides access to the Internet even while parked or traveling down the road. These routers are easy to set up and maintain. Horizon Powered I262 is CBRS ready.

The I262 Horizon WIFI packs speed and range with 2 x 2.4GHz internal WiFi antennas. The wireless signal of Horizon devices is stronger. The precise and professional internal design of the antenna ensures minimal interference and a wider signal coverage range. Conveniently and remotely manage your device with preset configurations, alerts or statistics with an easy-to-use Cloud Portal platform.

Highly Reliable Failover Router

In addition, 4G LTE wireless broadband support, the I262 also provides a built-in Fast Ethernet WAN port for fixed broadband connections. You can set either fixed or mobile connection as the primary connection. Any one connection can be used to provide uninterrupted connectivity if the other fails.

Powerful Built-in Firewall

This product supports the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), adding an extra layer to your cyber security. It also supports WPA3 encryption which is the next generation of Wi-Fi security. Apart from its powerful built-in firewall, it also supports OpenVPN, WireGuard®, and customized DNS to level up your online security.

Take control of your data

It is remotely manageable thanks to Device Management Server (DMS). There is no need to spend extra money on additional services, get support from ISPs, or rent an additional DSL line for remote access. DMS offers a comprehensive, fully featured, and robust solution to automate your device data, maintenance, and metrics deployment and support.

Horizon HZ51

The perfect mix of performance and features

5G Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Router

The indoor 5G CPE HZ51 (LTE & 5G Wireless Router) is a powerful 5G data terminal based on Qualcomm Snapdragon X62 modem, which is in compliance with the latest 3GPP Release 16 standard. It uses the power of Horizon Wi-Fi 6 to support ultra-fast speeds to every corner of your premises, increase number of IoT connections, and reduce network congestion. This indoor router supports the latest 5G cellular technology, paving way for faster wireless communication with compatible CBRS devices.

The CPE supports 5G SA/NSA, LTE and 3G standards, and works with most 5G and LTE networks in the world. MU-MIMO feature allows HZ51 to communicate simultaneously with multiple devices, reducing latency and improving overall network efficiency.

With built-in 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology, the CPE has wider wireless coverage while providing bigger bandwidth. You can expect improved capacity, speed and efficiency. There is a huge improvement in performance; something that was lacking in previous Wi-Fi standards. 

The MESH+ technology integrated makes it easy for the CPE to cover more areas and meet the demands of latest services such as VR, AR, and 4K&8K HD video streaming. The indoor 5G CPE HZ51 is CBRS ready.

Powerful Signal

The HZ51 Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Router packs speed and range with up to 10 built-in antennas for 5G and Wi-Fi 6. The 3D stereo stacking design antenna of Horizon devices ensures minimal interference and optimal reception so you get the best value for your dollar.


The Horizon devices with multiple antennas are suitable for large indoor spaces. You can expect strong signals and wider coverage which will not cause any hindrances to your activities even if you are located in a remote setting or a large indoor space. As for your requirement, measure the area of the space where you need Horizon Internet, and go for one that suits you.


Horizon Wi-Fi 6 router provides high speed, low latency broadband internet access without the wires, combined with multi-layer encryption. Enjoy the advantages of ultra-fast 5G networks and 5G services, including immersive streaming, gaming and entertainment experience. All our devices are CBRS ready. Talk to our team of experts to learn more.

Horizon V100

Secure and reliable connectivity on the go

Wireless VPN Encrypted Travel Router

The Horizon internet V100 is a Wireless VPN Encrypted Travel Router designed for frequent travelers. This small and light wireless router is equipped with a highly stable and powerful IPQ4018 @717Mhz CPU optimized for network stability and processing VPN efficiently. Impressive dual band Wifi speeds to meet all your internet needs such as game console, HD video, video conference call, listening to music, messaging and uploading images.

This pocket sized router includes our latest security features and runs on the latest OpenWrt operating system. Horizon Wifi V100 runs on our latest software development kit, it has an upgraded interface with improved response time and interoperability, it runs a more powerful repeater function, and is able to run multiple VPN clients and servers including OpenVPN and WireGuard® simultaneously.

No matter you are at a café, airport, hotel or restaurant, you can connect V100 to the public WiFi hotspot and connect multiple devices simultaneously. Horizon V100 is CBRS ready.

Blazing Fast Wireless Speed with 11AC Wi-Fi

Simultaneous dual-band with wireless speed 400Mbps (2.4GHz) delivers a combined wireless data transfer rate of up to 867Mbps, making it an ideal choice for various applications simultaneously.

With the next wireless generation, 802.11ac, integrated in the Horizon devices, V100 delivers fast Wi-Fi speeds. The V100 supports a link rate up to 400Mbps in 2.4GHz frequency range & 867Mbps in 5GHz range and is also backward compatible with existing 802.11 a / b / g / n wireless equipment in the network.

Create Internet Access anywhere you go

To meet the wireless needs of frequent travelers Horizon V100 features Router, Hotspot, Range Extender, Client, and Access Point Modes. Horizon internet runs on the latest OpenWrt operating system, with mass device connection capabilities, and significantly reduced signal interference. You can customize V100 and install applications based on your preferences.

Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Charging

A multifunctional USB port allows you to share files and media through your internet browser with different computers. If you are looking for faster data transfer rates, this is made possible with 1x WAN and 2 x LAN Ethernet ports.


You can take advantage of increased speed and stability of a wired connection in the form of Ethernet, repeater, tethering and USB modem for tasks like streaming or large file transfers. This allows for a versatile networking solution while maintaining the security benefits of a VPN encryption.

Convenience and Control

The remote management supports TR-069. From the Horizon DMS platform, you can see what’s happening on your network, check device usage and share your network with friends. The software enables provisioning, management and support of modems, routers, hotspots and VoIP devices. The solution is based on a TR-069 standard and enables dramatic reduction of the provisioning costs and support for non-technical users.

See also: CBRS USB Dongles

Horizon internet V100 is designed to meet the demands of frequent travelers and provide secure and reliable connectivity on the go without the wires. Enjoy the advantages of compact design easy to carry around and advanced security features for a seamless internet browsing experience. All our devices are CBRS ready. Talk to our team of experts to learn more.

Horizon IR2005G

5G Industrial Router

Our Horizon Internet IR2005G industrial router is ready to offer secure and reliable remote connectivity to your IoT/M2M applications in several of industries. Extremely high data rates open the door to professional 5G applications such as smart manufacturing and automated logistics.

Horizon IR2005G provides easy, wireless communication for the M2M application including connected vehicles, immersive entertainment, cloud robotics, machine remote control, eHealth, SCADA servers, RTUs, PLCs, remote I/O and other Ethernet and serial connected devices such as security cameras or industrial sensors.

Whether it is passenger WiFi, CCTV debrief, ticketing or a similar “onboard” requirement, the Horizon device IR2005G offers an effective and simple solution to increase internet speeds and future-proof current installations. The IR2005G supports GNSS positioning. A version with vehicle ignition sensing is available to protect vehicle batteries when the engine is off.


Horizon device IR2005G also targets IoT as new market segment including eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), uRLLC and FWA use cases. For instance, AR/VR requires both high bandwidths and extremely low latency, while most of automotive use cases only require low latency and high reliability.

Broadband Failover

The Horizon IR2005G can be configured to use Ethernet or Wifi as primary internet and failover to 4G/5G in the event of an outage.  This can help to provide resilience to outlets such as shops and small offices at a reasonable cost, and provide sufficient bandwidth for multiple users.  IPsec, DMVPN and Open VPN protocols can be used for connections into core networks.

Best –in-class security

The Horizon device IR2005G with advanced encryption and VPN features safeguards your sensitive data and business critical networks from attacks. You will benefit from a safe and reliable network environment.  Security functionality supports firewall functions, multiple VPN tunnel connections and effectively isolates attack data to ensure safe access for customers.

Industrial-Grade Compact Design

The design of Horizon WiFi IR2005G is robust, easy to integrate and deploy. The metal shell protection makes it resilient against strong magnetic interference. Industrial terminal block connector for power, additional radiator panel to avoid overheat. The rugged design and durability ensures Horizon WiFi IR2005G can withstand harsh conditions such as vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Powerful Signal

The Horizon IR2005G packs speed and range with up to 6 built-in antennas for 5G. The 3D stereo stacking design antenna ensures minimal interference and optimal reception so you get the best value for your dollar.

Remote Management

Horizon IR2005G is remotely manageable thanks to Device Management Server (DMS). There is no need to spend extra money on additional service or get support from ISPs or to rent additional DSL line for remote access. DMS offers a comprehensive, fully featured and robust solution to automate the deployment and support of your device data, maintenance, and metrics.

The close integration of information technology and rapid development of 5G technology has led to some major breakthroughs in enterprise development. Building a wireless 5G network helps to reduce cost, improve quality, efficiency and increase revenue.

Horizon Internet IR2005G plays a crucial role in industrial application scenarios and is an important network foundation for the normal operation of the industrial Internet. They can directly connect to industrial machines and equipment for data collection and enable managers to easily grasp production and operation situations at different times and locations through real-time and massive data transmission.

5G LAN not only has the advantages of sharing cellular network LAN resources, rapid network deployment, and security protection but also further enhances the application functions of layer 2 communication, broadcasting/multicasting, etc., improving the penetration rate of LAN in industrial Internet scenarios.

Horizon internet IR2005G offers secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. Enjoy the advantages of incredible speed, low latency and increased capacity even in the harshest environments.  All our devices are CBRS ready. Talk to our team of experts to learn more.