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Starlink Direct to Call

Starlink is testing Direct satellite-to-phone service and is having great success at providing satellite internet to cellphones. Here are the main findings of tests

– Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, announced Starlink’s satellite-to-phone service reached peak download speeds on a Samsung device.

– The test utilized a Galaxy S21 Ultra, in partnership with a U.S. cellular provider.

– Starlink recorded 17Mb/s download speeds for its service on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Starlink Direct-to-call test stat for Samsung S21 Ultra

– A serial number check of the phone used in Musk’s tweet suggests it’s a Phantom Silver Galaxy S21 Ultra (128GB) from Verizon.

– The Galaxy S21 Ultra lacks specialized satellite connectivity hardware.

– The satellite-to-phone service testing began months earlier with T-Mobile to enable satellite-based calls and messages.