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Leveraging Private Network For PGA

This year PGA Tour harnessed the power of private network for behind-the-scenes exhibition, operations and analytics. The PGA collaborated with a major business entity to initiate a private 5G network at The Players Championship.

– Celebrating its 50th anniversary, The Players Championship saw 144 golfers competing for $25 million, with Scottie Scheffler emerging victorious.

– The event featured a private wireless network comprising two 5G indoor and two 4G outdoor radios.

– This network facilitated a golf simulator and real-time video demonstrations in the business pavilion.

– On-site screens showcased various data, including signal strength and stream quality, alongside crowd density analytics for future optimization of venue layouts.

– The network played a crucial role in the tournament’s scoring system, supporting data tracking cameras and other technologies.

– Detailed statistics were provided for broadcast and streaming services, enhancing fan engagement through apps with features like shot tracking and video replays.

Back-of-house exclusive views

– A private network was used for exclusive back-of-house views with dedicated cameras.

– Four radios were deployed, each supporting a camera on the private network.

– Connectivity was also provided to cameras at various course locations, including behind-the-scenes areas.

– The cloud-based core network at the Stadium Course was initiated with Athonet.

– Collaboration with MosoLabs for radio deployment and Multicasting.io for streaming applications was mentioned.

– MosoLabs’ wireless products are noted for their use in other networks as well.

4G outdoors

– Outdoor 5G radios lacked FCC certifications; 4G radios were used instead.

– No issues reported with 5G indoor coverage during the event.

– Network components hosted in the cloud.

– Utilized licensed spectrum including CBRS PAL and GAA at the event.