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How Wireless Internet is Driving Innovation for Construction Sites

Construction companies operate in a fast-paced and highly competitive environment.  To stay ahead of the competition, construction sites must deploy wireless internet solutions. 

How Wireless Internet is Driving Innovation for Construction Sites (1)

This allows building companies to stay connected, streamline operations, maximize productivity and create a safer working environment. In this article, we will explore the wireless internet devices driving innovation within the construction sector.

Improved Collaboration and Real-Time Communication

Advancements in technology have also impacted the construction sector in a significant manner. Wireless internet has led to improvements in how team members communicate and collaborate. There was a time when walkie-talkies or hand signals were the only options for communication but that led to delays, errors and miscommunication. With the arrival of wireless internet devices, engineers, architects and contractors can easily exchange data, stay connected, and make informed decisions on-site. 

Main Advantages:

  • Team collaboration and coordination improved greatly
  • Project updates and files were sent and received instantaneously
  • Communication methods that are obsolete are eliminated and this paves the way for the progression

Improved Safety Measures

Workers have had to face numerous challenges on construction sites. Their lives are filled with unknown dangers and companies must look for solutions that ensure the safety of their teammates. The adoption of wireless internet service has helped to create a much safer environment. Risks and accidents have been reduced greatly and a much more proactive approach to site security has been implemented.

What are the challenges in implementing wireless internet for semi trucks?

Using the Internet while the vehicle is moving can be problematic if the right vendor isn’t approached.

Device Placement

The wireless internet router device needs to be placed in an elevation position and secured with a mounting kit. Since the truck will be moving it will cause obstructions in signal if not properly secured. Talk to the company to provide you with the complete mounting equipment so you don’t face any trouble later on.  

Network Limitations

Your trip will take you to remote locations where the strength signal can be weak or non-existent. Horizon Powered wireless internet for semi trucks can provide unlimited internet on a reliable 4G LTE network. 

High Cost

Wireless internet for semi trucks can be costly as it involves installation costs and ongoing charges for upgrades. Talk to your local vendor to get a price quote upfront. This way you can be sure of no hidden fees. 


Security is of utmost importance for truck drivers who need to protect sensitive information and unauthorized access while on the web. Connecting to public Wi-Fi makes you prone to cyber-attacks. Truckers and their companies need to be mindful of the security threats. Truck drivers need to have their network to connect to without worrying about unauthorized access. 


For optimal performance the antenna may need clean up, software may need to be updated, and troubleshoot to resolve connectivity issues. Some truck drivers may lack technical know-how and face problems in fixing any issues. 

Key Advantages:

>> Workers can immediately inform their subordinates of their whereabouts.

>> During fire or earthquake, immediate emergency notifications and safety alerts are sent out.

Improved Connectivity

Deployment of fast wireless internet connectivity on construction sites enables seamless communication between project teams, stakeholders and contractors. This connectivity enables real-time collaboration, efficient project management and better decision-making. 

One of the major reasons for project delays and cost overruns is because of communication barriers. Wireless internet devices enhance communication and this improves project coordination. Workers have access to real-time data much faster and this allows for problems to be resolved quickly. Files and documents can be shared on smartphones and laptops. There is no need to have a physical copy on hand which also saves resources. 

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Best Wireless Internet for Construction Sites

Horizon Powered IR2005G is a 5G Industrial Router offering secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. Ideal for harsh environments, 

Horizon IR2005G provides easy wireless communication for the M2M application including connected vehicles, immersive entertainment, cloud robotics, machine remote control, eHealth, SCADA servers, RTUs, PLCs, remote I/O and other Ethernet and serial connected devices such as security cameras or industrial sensors. 

Horizon IR2005G also targets IoT as a new market segment including eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), uRLLC and FWA use cases. For instance, AR/VR requires both high bandwidths and extremely low latency, while most automotive use cases only require low latency and high reliability.

Key Features

  • Chipset – Qualcomm Solutions
  • Incredible Speed – Up to 3.4Gbps DL
  • Low Latency and Increased Capacity
  • Wifi 6 Dual Band  Connectivity
  • Multi-Network – Extensive interfaces
  • Linux-Based OS – Operating System
  • Router Management – Horizon DMS Platform


In the journey towards enhanced productivity and safer construction sites, Horizon Powered emerges as a key player, offering a turnkey solution for private cellular 4G LTE and 5G wireless networks. With a commitment to maximize productivity, real-time collaboration, a safer work environment and improved communication, Horizon Powered devices, empower construction sites to build future-ready networks that embrace the potential of Industry 4.0.