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A Reliable Source of Wireless Connectivity in the USA

Since the introduction of the world wide web around 3 decades ago, the internet has taken a road of innovation that has made our lives all about it. It was estimated in 2021 that around 5 billion people of the world were active users of the internet. A lot has changed from the early days of a dial-up connection to the modern 5g networks. 

Wireless technology is booming and a race for innovation is leading the world towards fast, reliable, and cost-effective telecommunications solutions looking for a reliable source of wireless connectivity in USA. IoT is all around us and soon everything we need will rely upon a consistent source of the internet that never lacks speed, never disconnects, and can be accessed from even the most remote areas.

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Horizon is a brand of Mobile Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions that inspires reliability, innovation, and top-class customer support. In our product line, we have a wide range of wireless network-connected products supporting technologies such as 3G, 4G/LTE, CBRS, VoIP/VoLTE, and coming soon, 5G. We provide carriers, rural operators, WISP’s, MVNOs, Private LTE network planners, and integrators with a portfolio of WIFI routers, outdoor CPEs, mobile hotspots/MiFi, and USB dongles so they can deploy a secure and super-fast internet service. It does not matter if the user is running an office, working from home, traveling on the road, adventuring in mountains, or residing in the countryside, Horizon has a perfect solution for every situation to ensure that they have wireless connectivity in the USA throughout. 

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Proven experience in the industry

Technological advancements in the wireless industry and customer feedback are the two key factors driving the innovation at Horizon. Thanks to years of experience, our team anticipates what’s next, and coupled with customers’ feedback, we research and develop solutions designed to cater to the needs of internet service providers looking to deploy devices that can meet the connectivity demands of today. Horizon products are manufactured in top-class facilities ensuring quality.

Our proven experience in the industry along with multiple manufacturing locations allow us to secure fast delivery and excellent customer support.

Wireless Technologies that We Support

All Horizon products are FCC certified and our diverse range of indoor routers, outdoor CPEs, mobile hotspots, and WIFI dongles enable us to serve a wide customer base, diverse projects, and vertical applications. Our CBRS range covers CATA, CATB, and EUD CBSD’s.  Regarding throughput, we support LTE CAT4 to LTE CAT12 to ensure fast internet speeds. In addition, our devices can allow multiple connections and support VoIP and VoLTE technologies for the deployment of value-added services such as phone lines. If your deployment is the last mile, industrial-grade components make our outdoor products resistant to the environment. Or, if you are in the retail sector, internet failover protection is available to keep networks always connected.

Wireless Products

Horizon products supporting 4G/LTE and CBRS technologies, come in multiple formats:

Indoor Router:

  • I282   CAT11, 4G/LTE Indoor Router
  • I272   CAT12, 4G/LTE, CBRS Indoor Router
  • HZ51 5G, Wi-Fi6, CBRS Ready Indoor Router

Outdoor CPE:

  • 2100F12, CAT12, CBRS Outdoor Router
  • 2400F20, 4G/LTE, CBRS Ready Outdoor Router 
  • 25005G, 5G NR, CBRS Ready Outdoor Router 

Mobile Hotspot:

  • MH50 CAT4, 4G/LTE Mobile Hotspot
  • MH500c 5G, CBRS Ready Mobile Hotspot

WIFI Dongle:

  • DG10 CBRS USB Dongle


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Wireless Connectivity Needs of the Industries

Our product portfolio is designed to serve the needs of a variety of sectors. From government institutions, enterprises, and service providers, we are serving different industries. We operate in partnership with carriers, MVNOs, and Private LTE network planners. Horizon proudly serves the following sectors:









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Innovation in Wireless Technology at Horizon

Sustainability and innovation are key to Horizon. We develop products and keep improving them until we maximize the potential of the product. Our first device, the I232S 4G/LTE router, showed a positive response from the market. We have used consumer insights and feedback to push ourselves more to meet the demands of our clients. 

The future of our product line is improving and our team of experts refines daily. Soon, we will be announcing a range of 5G products to serve the same residential, enterprise, and industrial sectors needing more advanced network conditions than the 4G /LTE products can facilitate. Indoor routers and outdoor CPEs built to support 5G and WIFI 6 technologies are the next big thing at Horizon to keep us in the race of wireless connectivity in the USA. 

The world of technology has taken some sharp turns since the 1990s when all we knew was a super-sized computer and a fragile internet connection that disconnected every 10 minutes. In just 3 decades, we can do much more with a handy device than with that computer. Slim and smart devices, along with reliable super-fast internet connection, is the way of life now. What’s coming next is even more thrilling and will transform our life. We at Horizon are motivated and ready to keep up the technological pace on the road to innovation. 
Are you ready?