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What is MIFI? And How it Enhances Private CBRS Network

MiFi is a term that we come across a lot in when we talk about portable internet devices. This article will shed some light on what a MiFi device is?, why we need them and their use in CBRS network. 

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What is MiFi?

MiFi generally means Mobile WiFi Hotspot. MiFi was a brand name used by Novatel for their pocket router. The term MiFi became very popular and it started being used for every mobile WiFi Hotspot.

Why is MiFi Useful?

MiFi or Mobile Hotspots devices have some very unique features that provide a lot of convenience and flexibility. These features are listed below

  1. They use SIMs to connect to cellular networks 
  2. They provide only data internet 
  3. They have internal, rechargeable power sources or batteries to work without a power supply
  4. They act like routers and establish wireless LAN WLAN through WiFi
  5. They connect a limited number of devices

This enables the MiFi hotspot devices to create WLAN through WiFi anywhere at any time as long as there is a cellular network present. This is specifically useful for people who need to stay connected to the internet, from multiple devices, on the move. 

Private CBRS Network

CBRS or Citizen Broadband Radio Services is a publicly available spectrum. CBRS allows business to establish their cellular data networks on their premises and utilize fast reliable and secure internet at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional broadband internet. 

The key component that helps reduce cost is the CBRS devices. There are three types of CBRS devices 

  1. Small Cell eNodeB are the devices that convert the Core network into CBRS cellular network. They are similar to cell towers and cover a very wide area to provide maximum coverage
  2. CBRS CPEs or Customer Premises Equipment are the devices that convert CBRS Signals into WiFi signals, within a few 100 meters and for a large number of devices
  3. CBRS Routers are small devices that convert CBRS signals into WiFi in a very limited area and for a very limited number of devices. MiFi Hotspots, WiFi Routers, and WiFi dongles are a few examples.

If an optimal combination of these devices is deployed on the premises CBRS Network guarantees that the total number of devices deployed will be far less than that required by a traditional WLAN network, thus reducing cost significantly. 

Advantages of Buying MiFi Devices and Use in CBRS

As discussed above MiFi hotspots provide flexibility of movement with constant access to the internet. With CBRS-enabled MiFi devices one can have this flexibility from anywhere at the CBRS-deployed premises on non-CBRS enabled devices.

t 1 Connect Multiple Devices:

MiFi hotspots can connect up-to 10 devices or more devices at a time. Which is a very cost-effective WLAN.

t 1 Connect Wi-Fi-Only Devices to Mobile Data:

We regularly use devices that do not have built in mobile data connection or SIM Slots such as tablets and laptops. WiFi Hotspot devices or MiFi connect non-data enabled device to cellular data connections.

t 1 Lightning-Fast Speeds: With CBRS technology, MiFi devices provide fast download and upload speeds by avoiding network congestion. 

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Horizon MiFi Devices

Horizon is an OEM that manufactures cutting edge of telecom technology and is determined to bring products with the latest technologies to its customers. MH50 has been our flagship 4G LTE MiFi device, now we bring our new flagship, The MH500C, a 5G MiFi device with a 5000 mAh battery.