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What is CBRS

All radio and telecommunication use waves of different frequencies (measured in Megahertz MHz and Gigahertz) to carry data. These frequencies are grouped together to form bands, and multiple bands combine to form a spectrum of radio waves. Every successive generation of telecom has its fixed spectrum, and its band is allocated to telecommunication companies for commercial use. 

What is CBRS 1

What does CBRS stand for?

 CBRS Stands for: CBRS is an abbreviation for Citizens Broadband Radio Service. 

 US Govt. initiative: This was an initiative by the US Government after realizing the huge gaps in the emergency services communication infrastructure after September 11. Emergency services created their communication network on Band 48.

 CBRS Spectrum: The spectrum with the frequency range of 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz and band 40 is reserved for non-commercial use and is classified as CBRS.

 FCC Regulations: In 2017 the FCC set up guidelines for the use of Band 48 for public use with part of it reserved for the US Federal Government. Under these guidelines, 3 tiers were set up

    • CBRS Incumbent Access 
    • CBRS Priority Access License
    • CBRS General Authorized Access

What are the 3 tiers of CBRS?

 Incumbent Access: It is reserved by the Department of Defense (DOD) and has the highest priority. On normal days, it is used by the US Navy, and in times of emergency, the whole CBRS can be overtaken by Federal US Govt. for emergency communications.

 Priority Access (PAL): In this tier, inexpensive region-based licenses are auctioned for a fee. The license gives second priority (after US Govt.) to the license holder for network creation without any interference.

 General Authorized Access (GAA): This is a free-to-use unlicensed tier in which anyone can create a shared cellular network for private and commercial use.


What are the Benefits of CBRS?

 CBRS Wide Coverage Area: CBRS coverage is way better than a WiFi network in an access point-to-access point comparison.

 Dedicated CBRS Network: A dedicated CBRS network offers superior, uninterrupted access to the internet, allowing you to perform critical tasks in industrial and office settings, such as remote accessing, remote programming of machines, voice communication networks (VoIP), and setting up retail point devices.

 Lightning Fast CBRS: The current generation of CBRS is designed to deploy LTE networks and will support 5G in the future. Any device can access the network with a physical or an eSIM. Additionally, many companies are manufacturing cellphones and tablets with built-in support for the CBRS network.

What are the vertical use cases for CBRS?

Due to its versatility, CBRS can be deployed in almost every industry for vertical integration.

 CBRS in Health care: Uninterrupted access on a plethora of devices for real-time data on patients as well as inter-departmental and interpersonal collaboration

 CBRS in Public Venues: Dedicate segments of the spectrum for backstage, staff, and public guests without interference

 CBRS in Warehouse: Superior connectivity of IoT devices for real-time tracking data, including manually operated and robotic devices

 CBRS in Retail: Clean spectrum for staff use and retail operations like a point of sales (POS)


What is the Cost of CBRS?

 Compared to Cellular Network: The initial setup cost of CBRS may be higher than setting up devices on a cellular data plan, but the lesser long-term running costs are worth the initial investment.

 Compared to WiFi Network: Again, the setup cost or equipment cost of CBRS is higher or close to a WiFi network, but the speed and dedicated network make it a superior choice.

What is the future of CBRS?

In certain scenarios, needs, and applications, CBRS has the potential to completely replace WiFi, especially with the increased use of interconnected and IoT devices. As IoT devices penetrate every facet of business, if the limitations posed by WiFi technology remain unchanged, we may soon see all large businesses operating on CBRS, like Facebook and others.

Horizon and CBRS

Horizon Powered offers a wide range of CBRS devices made to meet the needs of big and small businesses alike. Our team is experienced in setting up networks for our clients, and we provide excellent after-sales support to ensure uninterrupted business operations. Contact our team, and we are sure we have the right device for you.

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