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Revolutionizing Warehouse Operations with Private LTE and 5G

In recent years, the demand for warehousing services has surged, driven by factors like the pandemic and the booming e-commerce sector. To meet this demand while staying competitive, companies are increasingly turning to private LTE and 5G wireless networks, ushering in a new era of smart warehouses.

Warehouse Operations with Private LTE and 5G

The Smart LTE Warehouse: Transforming Operations

Smart warehouses leverage LTE and 5G networks to gather, analyze, and act upon real-time data across their operations. This data empowers staff to monitor equipment and machinery from anywhere globally, using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to foresee potential issues or breakdowns.

These networks act as superhighways, facilitating seamless data transmission from the warehouse to servers where it’s transformed into actionable insights. Devices such as smartphones, IIoT sensors, and autonomous vehicles continuously stream valuable data, enhancing processes and decision-making.

For instance, 5G offers predictable bandwidth, extensive coverage, and high speeds, supporting autonomous robotics in making real-time decisions and navigating warehouses without incident.

Private LTE Networks: Taking Control

The next evolution of LTE warehouses involves companies owning and operating their private LTE networks. Unlike sprawling public cellular networks mainly catering to consumers, private wireless networks provide complete control and management to the warehouse. This translates to enhanced security, seamless app integration, and precise control over network traffic and resources.

The Benefits of LTE Warehouses:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs: Labor typically accounts for the most substantial operating expenses in warehouses. Private 5G-enabled warehouses open the door to autonomous vehicles and automation, simultaneously reducing labor costs and enhancing worker safety. Amazon, for instance, has deployed over 520,000 robotic units to streamline operations.
  2. Improved Productivity: LTE warehouses drive productivity improvements through automation. Even warehouses with older analog hardware can benefit from LTE and 5G technology. Small IoT sensors can transmit data from legacy machines over wireless, reducing downtime and the need for expensive equipment upgrades. Automation streamlines processes like packing, picking, shipping, and logistics while enabling enterprise scalability.
  3. Enhanced Communications: Many warehouses upgrade their LTE networks to incorporate 5G for demanding applications. 5G offers wider coverage, ultra-low latency communication, and granular control over application performance. Administrators can allocate specific throughput, latency, and error rates for individual applications, ensuring that mission-critical functions receive the necessary wireless resources, even during network congestion.
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Smart LTE Warehouses with Horizon Powered

Horizon Powered can offer enterprises products for a comprehensive LTE warehouse network solution, seamlessly integrated and turnkey, designed to complement your existing warehouse L2/L3 infrastructure. Our 5G LAN architecture simplifies the deployment of plug-and-play hardware throughout your warehouse, ensuring you’re up and running in a matter of hours, not days.

Warehouse Operations with Private LTE and 5G

Our 5G LAN products provide solution which seamlessly integrate with your current architecture, allowing administrators to effortlessly incorporate and synchronize Quality of Service (QoS) across the entire enterprise from a cloud-based console. Behind the scenes, The Horizon Powered DMS solution proactively manages traffic and monitors network performance to ensure consistent adherence to service level objectives, including throughput and latency requirements.

Horizon DMS applies cloud networking principles to streamline the implementation of your warehouse network, offering an out-of-the-box experience. Onboarding can be seamlessly executed alongside your existing wireless and IT infrastructure without any disruption to your business operations.


Private LTE and 5G networks are reshaping warehouse operations, making them smarter, more efficient, and cost-effective. Horizon Powered products are not just upgrades but strategic investments that position warehouses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.