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Transforming Smart Buses with 5G Outdoor Router

The rollout of 5G has changed the way the world connects and communicates. As we become increasingly dependent on wireless technology, more devices and services rely on the Internet for communication. 4G is fast becoming obsolete and it is being replaced with the fifth generation of mobile networks where you can achieve a download speed of 4.2 gigabits per second. 

Transforming Smart Buses with 5G Outdoor Router

Faster speeds and improved latency allow businesses to extend WiFi networks to cover large, remote areas. People prefer a faster connection for personal use and otherwise. A 5G wireless router is designed to be placed outdoors. This is an ideal option for businesses seeking broadband coverage in remote locations, stadiums, farmhouses and manufacturing plants.

How Horizon 5G Outdoor Routers Cover Businesses for 5G

Advanced Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, businesses can take advantage of super fast speeds and greater capacity when using Horizon 5G CPE routers. The Horizon 5G outdoor router is ideal for use in crowded business areas where the performance will not suffer in any manner. 

Multi-Gigabit and Multi-User Capabilities

Horizon Powered routers are the perfect solution for multiple users and multiple gigabits of data transfer. Businesses that have to retrieve large amounts of data quickly and without any hassle make use of the 5G CPE. It is truly a complete solution. 

Managed Network Solutions

Horizon routers are designed for optimal performance. Users can easily keep a check on their network performance and resolve issues from any location using the cloud management software. 

Reliable Network Performance

What stands out with Horizon outdoor routers is how they assist businesses in swift performance. With advanced features such as Quality of Service (QoS) and Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS), businesses stay updated on their network usage and performance. 

Secure, Seamless Connectivity

Security threats and constant worry about the data falling into unauthorized hands are brushed aside. Advanced encryption and authentication protocols give businesses confidence that they can access the Internet in the most secure manner.  

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Horizon 25005G

The Horizon WiFi 25005G is an excellent 5G NR Outdoor CPE of Category 19 that delivers ultra fast internet access even in the most challenging locations. Powered by Qualcomm’s SDX62 chipset and featuring Wi-Fi 6 CBRS Band support, the 25005G Horizon Internet will help operators increase reliability, data quality and security in public and private networks.

Housed in an IP66 hardened enclosure, the router utilizes built-in 4×4 MIMO high-gain antennas providing up to 10 dBi per element that enables a longer reception range from the base station.

With excellent outdoor design, you can expect superior performance and consistency in the harshest conditions installed in farms, manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, parks or anywhere requiring a robust wireless solution. It is FCC certified and CBRS ready device to provide ultra-fast internet access in the most challenging locations.

Smart Buses for School: Means of distance learning

There are homes where the Internet connection is still not available. Students without the Internet at home struggle to complete their assignments. They are at a disadvantage compared to their peers who have internet access. With the surge in 5G, schools can capitalize on this technology and turn school buses into mobile classrooms. This is a great opportunity for students to learn and study for tests even while traveling on their daily routes from school to field trips, football games etc. 
Routers are devices that help to create a smart bus; the router powers the bus with WiFi access. Horizon’s 25005G is an example of outdoor CPR which is perfect for outdoor use and can withstand the bus environment. The ruggedized routers have the added benefit of connecting multiple students at one time. 
The main advantage of such a bus is that even if it is parked in an apartment complex or mobile home park, students can connect from inside their homes. The WiFi signal can reach up to 300 feet. 
The 5G outdoor router has facilitated smart buses for schools and colleges. The enhanced technologies implemented on the bus pave the way for a safer ride for students and bus drivers.

How Wi-Fi on the School Bus Works

Implementing Wi-Fi on the school bus is an initiative to provide equal access to students who come from underprivileged backgrounds. Moreover, it allows students more time to finish their school assignments.  The 5G outdoor router offers features where teachers can place restrictions on certain websites so students only have access to school related sites and not to games or inappropriate content. 

Use of GPS to Keep Track of Bus Fleet

The school supervisor has to keep a close check on the school buses when they have to pick up the students in the morning, at an off time and during any school related field trips. GPS helps to know the whereabouts of every school bus. The school staff can track and locate the current and historical location of every school bus in their fleet along their specific bus route.

CCTV and Surveillance: 

The device’s reliable connectivity supports high-quality CCTV and surveillance systems, enabling school administration to monitor activities in real time. In case of any emergency such as a breakdown, the driver can immediately inform the school administration of the bus’s exact location and another bus can be sent out to transfer students. This aids in accident prevention, incident response, and overall student safety.


The Horizon 25005G has redefined the world of smart buses. Its ultra-fast internet access, reliable connectivity, and advanced antenna technology address the challenges schools face in terms of efficiency, security, and student safety. By deploying the Horizon 25005G, schools can create a more connected, secure, and streamlined environment, ensuring that students and staff alike enjoy a seamless and productive experience.