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  • A company in Australia, Seb on Set provides video assistance services for all multimedia production services to ensure real-time footage streaming from set.
  • A Robust network is a must to provide connectivity to the dedicated streaming equipment for real-time streaming to the filming crew and directors.
  • For this purpose, an industrial 5G router is a very suitable device, with 5G connectivity, Dual sim support, multiple ethernet ports and extreme WiFi connectivity.
Horizon Industrial Router IR2005G case study for production houses
Commercial Production process


We praise, enjoy, love, hate, films and advertisements but if we look at the behind the scenes their production is a huge job.

To capture the right moment at the right time is the key but during COVID things changes and to keep things on track they needed to enable that decision makers, directors, producers and crew have real-time feed via cloud services.

This extreme condition during COVID became an industry norm after the COVID due to its flexibility and convenience.  To make it possible high speed streaming performance is crucial, and it all depends on essential links – network connectivity.

Without robust connectivity, streaming real-time footage can quickly disrupt working efficiency and become a headache for remote and on-set crew members.


Seb on Set can deploy a high performance 5G router similar to Horizon’s IR2005G.

It provides a seamless connectivity between streaming-dedicated and footage-receiving equipment. With up-to 64 wireless connected devices and wide coverage it provides robust wireless connectivity solution. Multiple ethernet provide stable fixed internet connection and both these are backed by secure, highspeed and reliable 5G data connection with dual SIM for failure fall back option.


Seb on Set uses two antennas for mobile and Wi-Fi interface in addition two ethernet ports for SDI video routers and laptops. It connects 1-4 video capture devices and viewing monitors. The ethernet is used for network connectivity extension for filming crew streaming access with in the building.

Commercial Production process

With these network connectivity supply options, an array of ports and interfaces, and low power demand, Seb on Set ensures each crew member receives the most precise real-time footage streaming. Thanks to that, capturing the perfect shot becomes possible.