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Premium 5G CBRS Services is Here - Thanks to Federated Wireless

Federated Wireless, a US-based spectrum management provider, has introduced a new service named Premium Enterprise Grade Spectrum (PEGS) for private 4G and 5G networks using shared spectrum.

  • PEGS is designed to provide enhanced features such as faster response times, KPI-based monitoring, dedicated technical support, and mission-critical reliability for high-end workloads.
  • The launch of PEGS is accompanied by improvements to Federated Wireless’s cloud-based Spectrum Access System (SAS), which now includes algorithmic enhancements.
  • Alongside PEGS, Federated Wireless has rolled out an Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) service to extend SAS to the 6 GHz band and has expanded its Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) across all 50 US states and territories.
  • The company has also improved Distributed Power Allocation (DPA) redundancy, offering a novel enclosure for power continuity during outages and dual-active radios with multi-SIM capabilities.
  • Federated Wireless promises fortified backhaul connectivity and a high level of SAS reliability, quantified as five-nines (99.999 percent).
  • They claim management of 45 percent of active devices in the CBRS band in the US, totaling 402,000 devices across 600 customers.
  • The PEGS service includes a 15-minute initial response time, priority issue escalation, a dedicated operations engineer, on-premise SAS interface, and advice on spectrum utilization and regulatory compliance.
  • Federated Wireless is actively collaborating with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to refine CBRS regulations and improve access to premium grade spectrum for enterprises.