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Next-Gen Arena Connectivity - Powering NHL Stadiums with Horizon 4G LTE and 5G CPEs

Imagine an NHL stadium where every shout, cheer, and goal is amplified not just by the roar of the crowd, but also by cutting-edge technology that connects every fan, player, and staff member. We present a visionary use case where Horizon Powered’s 4G LTE and 5G Outdoor CPEs transform NHL stadiums into hubs of seamless communication and digital engagement.

Powering NHL Stadiums with Horizon 4G LTE and 5G CPEs (1)


The modern NHL stadium is not just an arena for sports; it’s a melting pot of excitement, interaction, and digital consumption. However, the challenge of maintaining high-quality communication within these bustling hubs is amplified by their enclosed structure and the dense materials used in construction. These factors often lead to signal attenuation and network congestion, hindering the overall experience.

Solution Overview

Horizon Powered‘s 4G LTE and 5G Outdoor CPEs emerge as the game-changer in this scenario. These robust devices are engineered to overcome connectivity barriers, offering high-speed broadband service and secure, consistent network access, even in the most challenging environments.

Use Case Scenario

The deployment of Horizon Powered’s CPEs in NHL stadiums is envisioned to revolutionize several key areas:

  • Team and Staff Communication: Coaches and players can strategize in real-time, unhindered by connectivity issues, while staff coordinate seamlessly, ensuring events run smoothly.
  • Fan Engagement: Fans enjoy a frictionless digital experience, accessing live stats, streaming replays, and sharing their excitement on social media without a glitch.
  • Media Operations: Media professionals rely on the robust network to deliver crisp, high-definition broadcasts, bringing the thrill of the game to viewers everywhere.


The strategic implementation plan includes:

  • A thorough site survey to identify the best locations for CPE installation.
  • Seamless integration with existing IT systems to ensure a unified, secure network.
  • Comprehensive testing to guarantee network reliability under various conditions, including peak game-day traffic.

Horizon Powered Devices Proposed

  • Outdoor Multi-Service CAT B CPE-CBSD: Designed for extensive coverage, these devices are ideal for the high-density connectivity demands of an NHL stadium.
  • 5G Outdoor CPEs: These are crucial for supporting high bandwidth and low latency applications, enhancing the digital experience for fans and the media.

Anticipated Benefits

The anticipated benefits of this technological leap are manifold:

  • Enhanced communication among teams and staff, leading to better coordination and heightened safety.
  • An enriched fan experience with uninterrupted access to digital services, increasing engagement and satisfaction.
  • A state-of-the-art media setup capable of delivering high-quality content, setting new standards for sports broadcasting.

The proposed integration of Horizon Powered’s 4G LTE and 5G Outdoor CPEs in NHL stadiums is poised to set a new benchmark for connectivity and fan engagement. This use case demonstrates the transformative potential of these devices, ensuring that the NHL stadium experience is not only about the game on the ice but also about creating a fully connected and engaging environment for everyone involved.