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Use Case: PGA Tour and Horizon Powered Collaboration for Private 5G Networks

The PGA Tour, synonymous with innovation in professional golf, could significantly benefit from a collaboration with Horizon Powered to establish a private 5G network. This hypothetical use case outlines the potential advantages and applications of such a partnership during premier golf events like The Players Championship.

PGA Tour and Horizon Powered Collaboration for Private 5G Networks

The Opportunity:

The PGA Tour is constantly exploring technological solutions to enhance the spectator experience and streamline event operations. A private 5G network could address these needs by providing a dedicated, high-speed communication channel.

The Proposal:

Horizon Powered, with its expertise in fixed wireless broadband devices, could partner with the PGA Tour to design and deploy a private 5G network. This network would likely include a mix of 5G and 4G radios to ensure comprehensive coverage, given the current regulatory landscape.

Implementation Scenario:

In this scenario, the private network could support:

  • Interactive fan experiences, such as a golf simulator with live video feedback.
  • Real-time analytics are displayed on-site, monitoring signal quality and crowd movements.
  • An advanced scoring system augmented by data-tracking technologies.
  • Exclusive content streams for behind-the-scenes insights, are available through the network.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The deployment of such a network could lead to:

  • A more engaging PGA TOUR app, offering detailed analytics and video features.
  • Access to critical statistics for fans, enhancing their understanding of the game.
  • Data-informed decisions for event layout and crowd management.
  • Improved coordination of event logistics, from scoring to live broadcasts.


A theoretical partnership between the PGA Tour and Horizon Powered could serve as a model for leveraging private networks in sports. The envisioned use case at The Players Championship could set a precedent for future events, signaling a shift towards greater connectivity and enriched fan experiences.

Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, the PGA Tour’s innovative spirit could drive the expansion of private 5G network applications. Collaborations with technology providers like Horizon Powered might introduce next-generation experiences, including immersive virtual environments and enhanced mobile connectivity for event attendees.