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mmWave WiFi By panasonic

Panasonic has unveiled a new Wi-Fi solution operating on the 60 GHz band, leveraging Peraso Inc.’s X710 chipset for mmWave communications. This innovative solution offers high-speed wireless connectivity comparable to traditional wired networks, capable of spanning several hundred meters. The integration of Peraso’s chipset allows for straightforward operation, thanks to the unlicensed spectrum of the 60 GHz band and the precision of narrow beam directional antennas.

This versatile solution is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, wherever there is a need for fixed wireless access to support multi-gigabit data transfer rates.

Key features of the Peraso chipset include:

– Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
– Data transmission over extensive distances at speeds of 1 Gbps
– Ultra-low latency in the millisecond range
– Support for multiple simultaneous users
– Compact design with a volume under 500 cc
– Robust waterproof build, with IP66/IP67 ratings
– Operational in extreme temperatures ranging from -30° C to 50° C