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Industrial Connectivity with Horizon 2400F20

In an era defined by digital transformation and connectivity, the Horizon 2400F20 stands as a beacon of innovation, redefining the way we experience internet connectivity. As a high-end 4G/LTE outdoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), the Horizon Powered‘s 2400F20 takes data rates, coverage, and durability to unprecedented heights, making it an essential tool for bridging the digital divide and transforming remote locations into hubs of industrial connectivity.

Industrial Connectivity with 2400F20

Unleashing Lightning-Fast Data Rates

At the heart of the Horizon 2400F20’s capabilities lies its Category 12 and 20 LTE technology, offering data rates of up to 2Gbps. This blistering speed isn’t just about faster downloads; it translates to a superior internet experience, enabling seamless 4K streaming, online gaming, and real-time communication. Moreover, the 4×4 MIMO Patented Dual-Pol Dual-Slant antenna technology ensures efficient bi-directional transmission, minimizing latency and enhancing the overall user experience.

Extending Coverage Beyond Limits

One of the standout features of the Horizon 2400F20 is its ability to establish connectivity over extended distances through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). Thanks to its built-in 4×4 MIMO high-gain antennas, each element providing up to 10 dBi, the router can penetrate near non-line-of-sight conditions, significantly expanding coverage. This capability is a game-changer for rural areas, farms, and remote locations, where traditional wired solutions might be impractical or impossible to deploy.

Unyielding Durability for Any Environment

The rugged design of the Horizon 2400F20 is a testament to its versatility and durability. Encased in an IP66 hardened enclosure and boasting industrial-grade components, this CPE is built to withstand the harshest elements, from heavy rain and scorching sun to snow and frost. The IP66 rating further solidifies its resilience, making it an ideal choice for deployment in locations like manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, and parks. With the Horizon 2400F20, connectivity doesn’t bow down to weather conditions.

Unlocking Secure Industrial Connectivity with Horizon 2400F20

The Horizon 2400F20 doesn’t just offer speed and coverage; it also prioritizes security. Advanced VPN features ensure protection against internet-based attacks and unauthorized network access. This becomes particularly significant in scenarios where data integrity is paramount, such as financial transactions, healthcare data transmission, and critical infrastructure management.

Seamless Remote Management

The Horizon 2400F20 redefines convenience through its remote management capabilities. The Device Management Server (DMS) allows users to control and monitor the CPE without the need for additional services or support from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This feature proves invaluable for situations where physical access to the device might be challenging, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining device deployment and support.


Industrial Connectivity with Horizon 2400F20: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

In the realm of industrial operations, seamless connectivity isn’t just a luxury; it’s a critical component that directly impacts efficiency, productivity, and safety. The Horizon 2400F20 4G/LTE Outdoor CPE emerges as an indispensable solution, reshaping industrial landscapes by providing robust and dependable connectivity solutions in even the most challenging environments.

The Challenge

Industrial settings often encompass vast areas, with machinery, equipment, and facilities spread across expansive landscapes. Traditional wired connectivity solutions are often inadequate or prohibitively expensive to implement in such scenarios. Furthermore, harsh weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, and the need for constant mobility further complicate the quest for reliable communication solutions.

The Solution: Horizon 2400F20

The Horizon 2400F20 steps up to the challenge by offering a comprehensive suite of features that cater specifically to industrial connectivity needs:

Extended Coverage: The CPE’s built-in 4×4 MIMO high-gain antennas, each boasting up to 10 dBi, enable it to establish connections under non-line-of-sight conditions. This empowers it to penetrate through obstacles and cover expansive industrial sites without compromising signal strength.

Rugged Design: Encased in an IP66 hardened enclosure with industrial-grade components, the Horizon 2400F20 is tailor-made for industrial environments. It withstands dust, rain, extreme temperatures, and even heavy vibrations, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in the face of adverse conditions.

Remote Management: The Device Management Server (DMS) capability allows remote monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting of the CPE. In sprawling industrial settings, this feature becomes crucial for minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs by eliminating the need for frequent physical visits to devices.

Security: The advanced VPN features of the Horizon 2400F20 ensure that critical industrial data remains secure. This is vital in environments where proprietary information, sensitive processes, and confidential communications are commonplace.

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Use Case: Smart Factory

Imagine a smart factory environment where interconnected machines, automated processes, and real-time data analytics drive efficiency and productivity. The Horizon 2400F20 plays a pivotal role in such a setting:

Connected Machinery: Across the factory floor, machines are wirelessly connected to central control systems. The CPE’s extended coverage ensures that even the machines located in remote corners of the facility maintain stable connections, allowing for real-time monitoring and adjustments.

Wireless Sensors: Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors are strategically placed throughout the factory to monitor conditions. The Horizon 2400F20’s ability to work under non-line-of-sight conditions ensures that these sensors can communicate seamlessly, providing valuable data for maintaining optimal operating conditions.

Mobile Connectivity: Factory personnel equipped with mobile devices can stay connected anywhere on the premises. Maintenance teams receive real-time notifications and can access remote troubleshooting resources through the CPE’s secure connectivity.

Emergency Response: In the event of a machinery malfunction or safety hazard, the Horizon 2400F20 ensures that emergency notifications are relayed promptly. This can lead to quicker response times and enhanced worker safety.


The Horizon 2400F20’s capabilities in industrial connectivity extend beyond merely ensuring network access. It empowers industries to embrace the era of Industry 4.0, where connectivity and data-driven insights drive unprecedented efficiency gains. From smart factories to remote monitoring of critical infrastructure, the CPE’s rugged design, extended coverage, remote management, and security features revolutionize how industries operate, setting new standards for reliability, productivity, and safety.

The Horizon 2400F20 4G/LTE Outdoor CPE epitomizes the fusion of cutting-edge technology, unwavering durability, and transformative connectivity. Its ability to deliver lightning-fast data rates, extend coverage to remote areas, ensure security, and facilitate remote management cements its position as a versatile solution for a myriad of use cases. As we venture further into an increasingly interconnected world, the Horizon 2400F20 stands as a beacon of innovation, lighting the way for enhanced connectivity for all.