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Importance of Hotel Wireless Internet Solutions for Guaranteeing Guest Satisfaction

In an era where staying connected is unavoidable, hotels that invest in top-of-the-line, high-speed, wireless internet solutions are more likely to leave a positive impression on their guests. Installing internet at a hotel is different from the Wi-Fi connection installed at home. A robust, reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure throughout public areas and guestrooms requires working with an enterprise-level internet vendor. 

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This article will discuss the essentials of a good and bad Wi-Fi as shared by the guests. We will also shed light on the factors to look for when working with a good Wi-Fi vendor and offer some advice on the best wireless internet devices available for the hospitality industry. 

Importance of Wi-Fi in Hotels

When it comes to choosing an accommodation, travelers expect clean room, a door that is secure and seamless internet connectivity. But the importance of Wi-Fi is not limited to guests only, every modern hotel needs an internet connection for managing its critical operational tasks like accepting payments and reservations, setting staff schedules, sending invoices to vendors, and keeping a check on security systems.

Hotels have to deal with a huge number of check-ins and check-outs especially during peak season and holidays. A reliable internet connection allows for an easy management of hotel guests and staff. It should also be foolproof so that security isn’t breached when entering sensitive guest information such as credit card numbers. Some hotels have a separate network solely for each guestroom.

The Best and Worst Features of Hotel Wireless Internet Solutions

Best Features

Blazing Fast: Guests are all praises of hotels that offer high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi. Business travelers can attend business calls and video conferences from the comfort of their room. Family and friends can enjoy playing games or stream high-definition videos. 

No Hidden Costs: Hotels must always mention hidden fees for Wi-Fi use. However, it’s always preferable to offer it as a complimentary service and guests will appreciate that. 

Seamless Roaming: A high quality hotel wireless internet solution is one which doesn’t have dead spots. It can be frustrating for guests who have to face slow speed while moving from the lobby to the poolside. Consistent coverage throughout the property is highly essential in scoring big points. 

Support Staff: Guests should be assisted with Wi-Fi related issues such as connecting the device, giving password or setting up the internet on their laptop. 

Security: Hotels should take extra measures when approaching an internet vendor. The wireless internet network must provide multiple layers of security. As a guest, the security breach should be the last thing to worry about. 

Worst Features

Slow Internet Speed: Internet working at a snail-pace is as bad as having no internet service. Guests will not be pleased with delayed emails and buffering video messages. 

Dead – Spots: Hotels that fail to provide wide coverage throughout the property will face complaints. These problems can be resolved when hotels invest in a credible wireless internet service provider. 

Hidden Charges: Failing to mention fees for Wi-Fi access upfront or charging exorbitant fees are both likely to leave a negative impression.

What factors to consider in hotel wireless internet providers?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your Internet plan or implement a new one, a good hotel wireless internet solution must offer these features:

Speed – blazing fast speed should be your priority. Business travelers expect nothing less than 100mbps. Ideally, gigabit-speed internet will keep all guests happy. 

Wireless Connections – guests prefer wireless connection so they can connect their smartphone, tablet and any other device at the hotel. 

Access Points – deploying access points at different areas of the premises will evenly spread out the internet access. You can opt for one access point per guestroom.

Support and maintenance: there should always be a technical person on a standby to entertain the guests. 24/7 technical support for guests and employees is important. The employee on the front desk may encounter issues with internet which can slow down the process of checking in of guests. 

Usage statistics: you want to closely monitor the numbers of users and the how much bandwidth is used in a single day. A dashboard will give complete overview of usage and downtime. 

Best Hotel Wireless Internet Devices

Horizon Powered I282

The Horizon Powered I282 Wireless Broadband Router is designed to provide you and your family with a huge wireless footprint. The EWAN and embedded 4G/LTE interface lets you take full charge of its wireless capabilities as a router. 

Plug in the SIM card and connect up to 32 devices simultaneously. This provision also eliminates the need for a fixed broadband connection. Seamlessly connect your entire home with reliable Wi-Fi. Enjoy high speed and secure connection for every device such as phones, computers, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security cameras.

Best Hotel Wireless Internet Devices
Best Hotel Wireless Internet Devices

Horizon Powered 25005G

The Horizon WiFi 25005G is an excellent 5G NR Outdoor CPE of Category 19 that delivers ultra fast internet access even in the most challenging locations. Powered by Qualcomm’s SDX62 chipset and featuring Wi-Fi 6 CBRS Band support, the 25005G Horizon Powered Internet will help operators increase reliability, data quality and security in public and private networks.

Horizon Powered HZ51

The indoor 5G CPE HZ51 (5G & LTE Wireless Router) is a powerful 5G data terminal based on Qualcomm Snapdragon X62 modem, which is in compliance with the latest 3GPP Release 16 standard. It uses the power of Horizon Wi-Fi 6 to support ultra-fast speeds to every corner of your premises, increase number of IoT connections, and reduce network congestion. This indoor router supports the latest 5G cellular technology, paving way for faster wireless communication with compatible CBRS devices

With built-in 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology, the CPE has wider wireless coverage while providing bigger bandwidth. You can expect improved capacity, speed and efficiency. There is a huge improvement in performance; something that was lacking in previous Wi-Fi standards.  

HZ51 2 2 1


A fast Wi-Fi service is a key factor for potential guests when choosing the hotel. The best wireless internet solution at your hotel will keep guests coming back. High-speed, reliable and secure hotel internet services improve guest satisfaction. Horizon Powered wireless internet solution is committed to help your hotel meet the demands of guests. The devices offer robust and fast Wi-Fi service that your guests will appreciate.