Horizon Powered

Small Cell

Seamless connectivity is just a click away

Larger cell reach and carrier class devices without the cables

Horizon GPON Devices

Devices for Expanding Mobile Coverage and Capacity

Horizon Powered small cells devices are a type of wireless access point deployed to increase the mobile network capacity and coverage in localized areas.

Horizon OLT Devices

Improved Coverage

Instant, fast connection inside buildings and dense urban areas.

Increased Capacity

Provides more bandwidth for users and reduce network congestion

Reduced latency

Helps to reduce latency and improve user experience

Improved Security

It protects users’ data secure and private via encryption

Remotely Managed

Small cells can be monitored and managed from anywhere.

Low Power Consumption

Consumes less power than traditional cell towers

Built for Performance

  • Our external high gain antennas consistently outperform competitor products.
  • Horizon-built hardware and software ensures that your device works seamlessly.
  • Our devices are compact, lightweight and easy to deploy
Horizon GPON Devices
GPON C++ Modules

Protected by Enterprise-grade security

Small cells can be deployed in a secure manner, which can help to protect user data. To combat the increased complexity, we have built automated optimization and configuration tools into devices, and integrated multiple networking protocols and frequencies into a single package. 

Improved Coverage Wherever You Are

Small cells can help to extend the reach of mobile networks and enhance data speeds in areas where traditional cell towers cannot reach, such as inside buildings and in dense urban areas. This is beneficial for applications like smart offices, smart homes, and industrial automation where the demand for robust indoor connectivity is high.

Increased Capacity. Constant Connection- No Delays

Small cells can help to increase the capacity of mobile networks by providing more    bandwidth for users. A network that hosts many devices can benefit from small cells such as hotels and colleges. This can help to reduce congestion and improve the overall user experience.

Which Small Cell Device is Right for You

Access fast-speed internet for home, office, IoT, and industrial applications

Reduced Latency

Small cells can help to reduce latency, which is the time it takes for data to travel between a user and a server. This can be beneficial for applications such as gaming, video streaming, and outdoor environments such as sports venues, school campuses and rural neighborhoods.

How Horizon small cells work

Small cells are a type of wireless access point that expands mobile coverage and capacity in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Optimized Performance


All Horizon small cells, routers, CPE, hotspots, modems, and IoT gateway devices support Horizon DMS. Horizon DMS is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for administrators to perform device management across their corporate networks, IoT applications, and data centers.