Horizon Powered

Access Point

High Performance Access Points for any Environment

Instant, portable, and high-speed 4G LTE & 5G connectivity ideal for demanding high traffic environments such as hotels, malls and offices.

Access Point

Powerful, Wider Wireless Coverage

Enjoy excellent Wi-Fi speeds and signal, and experience reduced disconnection problems throughout your area. Boost user experiences with enterprise connectivity that’s fast, intelligent and secure.

Access Points by horizon powered

Impressive Performance

Protects from Rain, Sun, Snow, Frost, Flurry

Centralized Management

With built-in SAS client

Free Cloud Service

With advanced VPN features

Easy setup and monitoring

With industrial grade components

Secure the network

Horizon Powered enables Zero Trust Network Security for devices and IoT.

Access Point security banner (1)

Simplify network operations

Horizon Powered's built-in network intelligence supports advanced capabilities like dynamic segmentation, AI-powered RF optimization, service assurance, and smart management options for improved user experiences.

Built for performance

Our APs fit just about any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario.

Designed for challenging enterprise environments

Focused coverage and flexible deployments

Centrally manage your entire network in the remote site

Which Access Point is right for you?

Plug and play 5G / 4G LTE indoor Wi-Fi routers for rapid and cost-effective deployment.

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