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Our subscription plan is cost effective, flexible and customizable as per customer needs.

Remote provisioning of CPE

Remote Provisioning of CPE

The Horizon DMS Portal easily connects your CPE devices, such as modems and routers from any location. No need to send a technician, thus, saving your time and resources.


Better Management of Broadband Networks

DMS gives you increased visibility and control of CPEs. This allows you to better manage your customers and network leading to improved performance and reliability for your subscribers.

Delivery of new managed data services

Delivery of New Managed Data Services

DMS can be used to deliver new managed data services, such as Wi-Fi, content filtering, online backup and home surveillance. This can di­fferentiate your services from your competitors, thus, adding value.

Expansion of service offerings

Expansion of Service Offerings

You can use DMS to expand your service off­erings, manage connected home and IoT o­fferings. This can help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Improved customer service

Improved Customer Service

The Horizon DMS TR-69 Portal can be used to exceed customer expectations with improved diagnostics, monitoring, and firmware management. This can lead to reduced customer churn and increased customer satisfaction.

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