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Best Mobile Hotspot for Gaming

Every gamer knows how important a good internet connection is for an optimal online gaming experience. Gaming laptops and handheld consoles have made gaming on the go easier. No one wants to get stuck at an airport terminal for hours but when you can play online games, passing time may not be such an ordeal. 

However, you need a mobile hotspot as a portable router for operating gaming devices anywhere. This article will explore the benefits of a mobile hotspot and the best hotspots for gaming. 

Best Mobile Hotspot for Gaming

What are the benefits of a mobile hotspot?

These devices have truly changed the way we communicate and carry out our day-to-day activities. Let’s take a close look at each benefit in detail

Versatility: A dedicated hotspot router gives you the freedom to game from any place you like such as a coffee shop, a hotel room or an airport. Horizon Powered mobile hotspots offer a strong signal and a long battery life so you can play pretty much anywhere for as long as you want. 

Connectivity: Planning a trip with friends or family becomes more enjoyable when you can all play online games together. A mobile hotspot allows you to have multiple users connect to the same network at the same time. You can also create a fun experience at a dorm with your roommates. 

Ease of use: Using a mobile hotspot is fairly simple and can connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet from anywhere following simple steps. Once you set up your router and turn it on, it will automatically pop up in the settings function of your laptop or any device you wish to connec

Do you need a mobile hotspot?

You may be on the fence about having a dedicated mobile hotspot router when you already have a data plan on your smartphone. However, there are numerous benefits of having a hotspot as it gives you quick access to the Internet even if you are on the road or have a poor connection at home. You may need a quick fix at work when your network doesn’t connect. All these situations are easily addressed by a mobile hotspot router.

A hotspot connects your computer, gaming device or tablet. You can use your phone as a mobile hotspot device to power other devices for gaming but this will exhaust your phone battery and deduct usage from your overall internet plan. 

Another option is to buy a mobile hotspot device. It allows you better performance, stability and reduced energy consumption. 

What to look for when buying gaming hotspots

When buying a mobile hotspot device, here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Plan offerings: As a gamer, you need high bandwidth, therefore, look for an internet plan that offers ample data usage and fast download speeds. 
  • Network reliability: Depending upon where you will be using such as a remote location or a hill station you want to know the coverage speeds and the signal strength. 
  • Security tools: one of the main reasons for using your own mobile hotspot device for accessing the internet instead of public Wi-Fi is the added security. You must ensure that the device offers data monitoring, WPA3 or VPN to protect your data.

Importance of latency in gaming

Latency is such an important part of a good gaming experience. Failed downloads, buffering, video start failures can ruin a gamer’s experience. It can be frustrating when you are in the middle of the game ready to make your move against the opponent but they change positions because your experience of the game is a couple of milliseconds behind. Horizon’s mobile hotspot devices display exceptional latency which guarantees a great gaming experience.

Best Mobile Hotspots for Gaming

Investing in the right mobile hotspot is crucial. With so many features at different price ranges, making the right choice can be tricky. We have picked the top mobile hotspots from Horizon to help you find the best hotspot that meets your budget and needs. Take a look at our top picks below.

Horizon MH500C

The Horizon MH500C 5G (LTE CBRS) Hotspot can support up to 32 connections at one time. It allows you to use the device for an entire day on a single charge, a must-have for gamers. The Qualcomm SDX62 module offers reliable and consistent connectivity, while the battery life for the hotspot is stellar. 

Featuring a 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen with a slim design, the MH500C can easily come with you and connect to multiple carrier networks, as well as be set up for Private LTE CBRS.  Supports speeds up to 1 Gbps

  • 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 6)
  • Supports up to 32 devices at once
  • 24-hour battery life
MH500C 1 1 1
MH50 1 2

Horizon MH50

The Horizon MH50 Mobile Hotspot has speeds up to 150 Mbps and can handle up to 16 connected devices. It is an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage, ultra-compact device for users looking for flexibility, and continuous internet connection on the road, at home or anywhere life takes you. 

While this device performs well for its price point, it is well-suited for casual gamers. If you want more heavy-duty features, you’re better off with a different hotspot. 

  • Download speeds up to 150 Mbps
  • 4G LTE network
  • Connects up to 16 devices
  • 7-hour battery life

Horizon MH04

The Horizon MH04 Mobile Hotspot is an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage, ultra-compact device for users looking for flexibility, security and continuous internet connection on the road, at home or anywhere life takes you. Ideal for fixed and mobile environments, wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other smart devices can access wireless internet connection simultaneously. Enjoy the freedom of 4G LTE technology to ensure the fastest data speeds possible wherever you go.

  • Download speeds up to 150 Mbps
  • 5G network
  • 802.11n
  • Connects up to 8 devices at once
  • 7-hour battery life
MH04 Main image 1


Horizon Powered mobile hotspots are perfect devices for gamers and those looking for fast internet options on the go. Rest assured, you will receive the optimal gaming experience with Horizon devices.