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Applications of I282 Wireless Broadband router

Since its inception, Horizon Powered has been working to develop and innovate its key products on similar lines to the industry benchmarks set for the modern era’s wireless broadband routers. Our key products include Indoor routers, outdoor CPEs, Mobile Hotspots, and Wi-Fi Dongle falling in the industry-wide adopted 4G/LTE and CBRS spectrums. A range of 5G products is also in the assembly line to be launched in the running year.

Applications of I282 Wireless Broadband router

Horizon I282 4G/LTE VoLTE Wireless Broadband Router

Horizon I282 4G/LTE VoLTE Wireless Broadband Router is an advanced broadband router that offers flexible and multiple internet connection options. With EWAN and embedded 4G/LTE interfaces, the home, SOHO, and office users can enjoy high-speed and secure connections. Multiple devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, TVs, and other smart devices can access the wireless network simultaneously.

The Horizon always aims to achieve the industry’s technological standards and beyond. We embed the latest features into our products to facilitate the service providers with the advanced products to meet the industry demand. The development of Horizon I282 followed the same parameters and came up with some key features as mentioned below.

  1. LTE CAT 11
  2. Up to 32 connected devices
  3. High Power External Antennas
  4. Remote Management
  5. VoLTE/VoIP enabled
  6. Secure Network with WPATM, WPA2TM, and built-in firewall
  7. Internet Failover Protection
  8. USB Port
  9. Ethernet WAN for wired broadband connection

Applications of I282 Wireless Broadband router

Added Value for the service providers:

The VoLTE/VoIP feature has added some real value for the service providers. With one device in place, they can provide a combination of both internet and phone services making it possible for them to offer bundle deals multiplying the benefits of their services.

Remote Management makes the maintenance a seamless process altogether as the premises visits from the maintenance team which used to cost huge amounts in the past to the service providers are not required anymore. Upgrades and device management can be done remotely by the service providers.

Industry Applications of I282 Wireless Broadband router:

Horizon I282 Wireless Broadband Router is the ideal solution for connectivity for all types of business set-ups and enterprises at the same time. In practical application the device is used and is best suited for the following set-ups:

  1. Retail kiosks
  2. Pharmacies
  3. Restaurants
  4. Vending Machines
  5. ATMs
  6. Digital Signage

Horizon I282 router meets all the connectivity requirements like speed, security and failover protection, etc. of modern retail kiosks to integrated business set-ups like pharmacies and restaurants. Businesses operating independent units such as ATMs, vending machines, and advertising tools like digital signage that need uninterrupted internet connection can rely on Horizon I282 Wireless Broadband Router without a second thought.

Horizon I282 is an LTE CAT11 router that gets up to 600 Mbps downlink speed and up to 50 Mbps uplink speed. The device ensures consistent internet speed with multiple connection options, Suitable to meet the requirements of today’s fast-paced businesses. It comes with WPATM, WPA2TM, and a built-in firewall to secure the network from any outside intervention and makes sure that all the online information activities remain protected at all times.

The router’s Internet Failover Protection for an uninterrupted connection gives assurance to businesses to cover any downtown and also a guarantee against any unauthorized activity to breach the security system in place. This seems rather significant in the case of smart homes that need an uninterrupted internet connection for their security system to work smoothly.

Applications of Horizon I282 CBRS router Wireless Broadband router

Horizon aims to provide Internet Service Providers with a cost-effective and innovative routers product line. Our state-of-the-art facility develops and innovates the most relevant and reliable wireless broadband routers for the carriers according to industry standards. Our products are suitable for residential, enterprise, and industrial usage and fit in well in wireless technology echo systems.

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Horizon I282 Wireless Broadband Router meets the basic requirements such as speed, security, failover protection, and multiple connections and also enhances the value for service providers with VoLTE/VoIP compatibility so they can add value to their customers by providing multiple services from one channel.