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Case Study: Native American Tribal Nation

An estimated 24 million people across the United States have no access to broadband internet.  The situation is even worse among the over 300 American Indian Reservations spread throughout the country. 

Over 27% of Americans in Tribal lands lack any type of broadband internet coverage.  Residents in these underserved areas rely on their Smartphones for access and often struggle with accessing content, applying for a job, or submitting files and documents.

Native American Tribal Nation 1
Native American Tribal Nation 2

One reservation in the southwest decided to use federal grants to deploy a Private 4G LTE network to help bridge this digital divide. 

With lower infrastructure costs than running fiber optic cables, the private network allows residents across a large geographic area to gain access to high-speed internet access. 

Horizon Powered was able to help implement a full solution to connect to base stations using Industrial Last mile Outdoor CPE devices along with a 4G LTE Indoor Router for homes and small business. 

The lower cost of entry Model i282 Cat 11 indoor unit with VolTE was the perfect fit and allowed for the use of a standard ‘home phone’ unit.  With the successful introduction of Horizon Devices in half of the reservation, they will continue to have rollouts throughout the remainder of 2022.

Native American Tribal Nation 3