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Enhancing Connectivity at a Mega Concert with Private Networks

Enhancing Connectivity at a Mega Concert with Private Networks


Imagine a massive outdoor concert venue where tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans gather to enjoy their favorite artists. The event organizers face several challenges related to connectivity:


1. Critical Applications:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Vendors need reliable connectivity to process transactions swiftly. Whether it’s selling merchandise, food, or drinks, efficient POS systems are crucial.
  • Ticketing and Parking Systems: Attendees expect seamless ticket scanning and parking management. Slow or unreliable systems can lead to long queues and frustrated fans.


2. Bandwidth Competition:

  • With tens of thousands of people capturing selfies, streaming videos, and sharing their concert experiences on social media, the available bandwidth becomes a precious resource.
  • Traditional Wi-Fi or public cellular networks might struggle to handle this massive demand simultaneously.

Solution: Private Wireless Network

1. High-Speed Connectivity:

  • A dedicated private network ensures high-speed internet access for critical applications. It operates on shared frequency bands (such as CBRS spectrum), providing secure yet reliable connectivity.
  • Vendors can process transactions swiftly, and ticketing systems remain responsive.

2. Coverage and Capacity:

  • Coverage Needs: In areas with limited or no coverage from mobile network operators (MNOs) or internet service providers (ISPs), a private network becomes essential. This is especially true for outdoor venues.
  • Capacity Requirements: For data-intensive applications (like surveillance video), a private network offers additional capacity. It complements existing networks.

3. Security and Privacy:

  • Enhanced Security: Unlike public Wi-Fi, a private network can be designed with robust security features. End-to-end encryption protects sensitive data.
  • Privacy Assurance: MNO networks may not meet privacy requirements. A private network ensures data privacy for critical operations.

4. Revenue Opportunities:

  • Premium Services: LPVs (Large Public Venues) can offer premium wireless services to vendors, sponsors, and attendees. Cashless transactions, enabled by reliable wireless services, contribute significantly to revenue¹.
  • Strategic Partnerships: By showcasing products, facilitating credit card transactions, and engaging with customers, LPVs can explore new revenue streams.

5. Venue Operations and Safety:

  • Efficient Operations: Private networks enable monitoring of crowd movements, situational awareness, and streamlined operations.
  • Security Systems: Surveillance cameras, emergency response coordination, and overall safety benefit from reliable connectivity.

Horizon Powered's Contribution:

Horizon Powered specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art wireless internet devices for residential, enterprise, and industrial customers. Here’s how they can enhance the private network solution:

1. Robust Devices:

  • Indoor Routers: Horizon’s indoor routers set a new standard for network efficiency, boasting industry-leading security, programmability, and high performance.
  • CBRS Ready Outdoor CPE Devices: For remote areas, Horizon’s CBRS-ready outdoor CPE devices provide reliable connectivity, covering the last mile with ease.
  • Custom-Made CBRS Devices: Organizations can build private mobile networks of any size using Horizon’s CBRS devices, ensuring reliable connectivity tailored to their specific requirements.
  • Portable WiFi Solutions: Stay connected on the go with Horizon’s portable WiFi solutions, including mobile hotspots and advanced 5G devices.

2. Empowering Connectivity:

  • Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or on the go, Horizon’s product portfolio delivers reliable performance, higher speeds, and consistent connectivity.
  • Their USB dongles offer immediate access to broadband internet, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

3. Quality and Innovation:

  • Horizon Powered is committed to providing top-of-the-line networking solutions that empower organizations and individuals to stay connected in today’s digital age.

By collaborating with Horizon Powered, LPVs hosting mega concerts can ensure seamless connectivity, enhance visitor experiences, and optimize operational efficiency.