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4G/LTE Outdoor CPE

The Horizon 2400F20 is a high-end 4G/LTE outdoor CPE of Category 12 that delivers data rates of up to 600 Mbps for lightning-fast internet connectivity over extended distances through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

Housed in an IP68 hardened enclosure, the router utilizes built-in 4×4 MIMO high-gain antennas providing up to 10 dBi per element enabling it to work under near non-line-of-sight conditions to increase coverage.

The rugged IP68 rated outdoor design enables it to work in rough weather and remote locations can be installed in farms, manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, parks or anywhere requiring a robust wireless solution.

Horizon Powered's 2400f12 Outdoor CPE Back View
Horizon Powered's 2400f12 Outdoor CPE Side View
Horizon Powered's 2400f12 Outdoor CPE Bottom View

Fast Internet Connectivity

Peak data rates of 600Mbps downlink and low latency for enhanced user experience. 4×4 MIMO Patented Dual-Pol Dual-Slant antenna technology ensures faster and more efficient bi-directional transmission.

Easy installation

Packaged with Gigabit PoE Adapter, mounting bracket, Flooded CAT5e, and ground wire.

Built to last

IP-68 hardened enclosure design with industrial grade components ensure complete protection from rain, sun, snow, frost and flurry, making 2400F12 the ideal choice for deployment in rural and hard to reach places.

2400F20 Product Image

2400F20: Secure network

2400F20 Product Image

The advanced VPN features protect against attacks over the Internet and prevent unauthorized access to your network.

Remote management of devices

The Horizon Powered‘s 2400F20 is remotely manageable thanks to Device Management Server (DMS). There is no need to spend extra money on additional service or get support from ISPs or to rent additional DSL line for remote access. DMS offers a comprehensive, fully featured and robust solution to automate the deployment and support of your device data, maintenance, and metrics.

2400F20 4G/LTE Outdoor CPE

Main Features

LTE CAT 4 2 4 LTE CAT 20

Speeds up to 2Gbps Downlink and 150Mbps Uplink


IP66 Design

Suitable in Harsh Environment components


Built-in 4×4 MIMO

high power dual-polarized and dual-slant directional antennas

LTE Category CAT 20 / CAT 12 3GPP Rel 14
ChipsetQualcomm SDX24
LTE SpeedsFDD-LTE-TDD: DL 2Gbps/UL 150Mbps
FDD-LTE-TDD: DL 600Mbps/UL 150Mbps
Supported NetworksLTE: FDD-TDD HSPA+
Supported BandsLTE FDD: Band 2/4/5/7/12/13/14/17/25/26/29/30/66/71
LTE TDD: Band 41/46 / 48
UMTS/HSPA+: Band 2/4/5
DL 4×4 MIMO: Band 2/4/7/25/30/41/48/66
MIMO & CALTE 4×4 MIMO, Carrier Aggregation up to 6CA, 7CA
Antenna Gain10 dBi
Operational ModeSupport NAT, Router, Bridge Passthrough
SIM 2 Sim Card Slot 2FF Mini
WiFi2.4Ghz Optional Max 300Mbps speed 2×2 MIMO
DimensionAbout 275x275x137mm
Operating Temperature-40°C to 75°C
Certification FCC Certified

The Horizon 2400F20 4G/LTE outdoor CPE

In today’s digital age, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is essential for both urban and rural areas. The Horizon 2400F20 is a cutting-edge 4G/LTE outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) that stands as a testament to the advancement in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology. This article explores the Horizon 2400F20, its technical specifications, and its significant contributions to bridging the digital divide.

CBRS in the Horizon 2400F20

The Horizon 2400F20 stands out as a versatile and high-performance device. Central to its capabilities is the incorporation of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) technology, a pivotal factor that elevates its performance and functionality. Here, we delve into the essential contributions of CBRS to the Horizon 2400F20:

Enhanced Performance

CBRS introduces a spectrum band known for its ability to deliver high data speeds. This feature is particularly valuable for data-intensive applications, such as streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing. Users can anticipate a robust and consistent internet experience, even in regions with high network demand.

Improved Coverage and Capacity

The incorporation of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) technology in the Horizon 2400F20 brings forth a transformative enhancement in coverage and capacity. This advanced technology extends the reach and resilience of the 2400F20, ensuring that it can support a multitude of devices and users simultaneously. With CBRS at its core, the 2400F20 achieves an impressive level of coverage, capable of delivering a reliable and robust signal even in densely populated or challenging network environments. This expanded coverage and increased capacity make the Horizon 2400F20 a dependable choice for scenarios where connectivity demands are high, ensuring that every user and device experiences seamless and uninterrupted internet access.

Quality of Service (QoS)

CBRS technology brings Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities into play. This functionality empowers network operators to prioritize specific applications or users based on their unique requirements. Critical applications, such as those vital for business operations or emergency services, can receive priority treatment, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable connectivity.

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing is a hallmark of CBRS technology. It signifies the ability to efficiently allocate and share spectrum resources among various users and services dynamically. This dynamic allocation optimizes network performance and minimizes interference, thereby guaranteeing a stable and efficient connection for users of the 2400F20.


Regulatory Compliance

The Horizon 2400F20 CBRS technology is designed with strict adherence to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations governing the utilization of the CBRS spectrum band. This commitment to compliance ensures that the device operates within the legal framework established for this spectrum. Regulatory adherence is essential not only for legality but also to preserve a secure and interference-free wireless environment.

CBRS technology plays a pivotal role in the functionality of the Horizon 2400F20. It enhances performance, coverage, and spectrum management efficiency. The device caters to the connectivity needs of multiple users and devices while upholding regulatory standards. The integration of CBRS technology reinforces the 2400F20’s status as a high-performance and dependable wireless solution, ideal for users seeking seamless and reliable internet access.

Incredible Data Rates

A Pinnacle of Connectivity Performance

The Horizon 2400F20 stands as a beacon of cutting-edge technology, notably due to its extraordinary data transmission speeds. This outstanding capability elevates it to the forefront of internet connectivity solutions, delivering an unparalleled experience to users across diverse settings. Whether deployed in residential or commercial environments, the Horizon 2400F20 sets a new standard for rapid and reliable data transfer.

Peak Downlink Speeds at 2Gbps

At the heart of the Horizon 2400F20’s prowess lies its remarkable downlink speeds, reaching a peak of 2Gbps. This extraordinary velocity transcends the boundaries of conventional connectivity, propelling it into the realm of lightning-fast internet access. Such swiftness ensures that data flows seamlessly, meeting the demands of modern digital activities and applications.

LTE Category 20: The Engine of Efficiency

The foundation of this impressive speed is the device’s LTE Category 20 capabilities. This designation signifies its compliance with advanced 3GPP Release 14 standards, where efficiency and performance converge. As a result, data transmission becomes not only rapid but also incredibly efficient, minimizing lag and latency to ensure a fluid online experience.

Easy Installation

A Hassle-Free Deployment Solution

The Horizon 2400F20 isn’t just about exceptional performance; it’s also engineered for effortless installation. By bundling essential components and features, it significantly simplifies the deployment process, reducing downtime and installation expenses.


Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector

At the core of this streamlined installation is the inclusion of a Gigabit PoE injector. This critical component not only delivers power but also data over a single Ethernet cable. It eliminates the need for separate power supplies, reducing complexity and facilitating clean and organized installations.

Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket provided with the Horizon 2400F20 ensures secure and stable attachment to various surfaces. Whether affixed to a wall, pole, or another structure, this bracket offers versatility and reliability in securing the device in its optimal location.

Flooded CAT5e Cable

Ensuring connectivity in various environmental conditions is crucial. The Flooded CAT5e cable included with the CPE is designed to withstand moisture and prevent water damage. This ensures the integrity of data transmission even in areas prone to adverse weather conditions.

Ground Wire for Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in any installation process. The inclusion of a ground wire not only ensures the safety of the equipment but also provides protection against electrical surges and static discharge. This extra layer of security safeguards both the CPE and the network it serves.

Built to Last

The rugged design of the Horizon 2400F20, featuring an IP66-rated hardened enclosure, ensures its longevity in challenging environments. Whether it’s deployed in rural areas, manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, hospitals, or parks, this CPE can withstand the elements and provide reliable connectivity.

Secure Network

Security is a paramount concern in today’s digital landscape. The Horizon 2400F20 addresses this concern with advanced VPN features that protect against internet-based attacks and unauthorized access to your network. This level of security is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of network communications.

Remote Management of Devices

Managing and maintaining network devices can be a challenging task, especially in remote or geographically dispersed locations. The Horizon 2400F20 streamlines this process with its Remote Device Management Server (DMS). This feature eliminates the need for additional services or support from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and allows for comprehensive device data, maintenance, and metrics automation.

Deployment Scenarios

The Horizon 2400F20 is a versatile outdoor CPE designed to address a wide range of deployment scenarios. Here are some of the key applications:

Rural Connectivity

In rural areas where traditional wired infrastructure is often lacking, the Horizon 2400F20 can bridge the digital divide. Its robust design, high-speed connectivity, and long-range capabilities make it an ideal solution for providing internet access to underserved communities.

Industrial Use

Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities can benefit from the Horizon 2400F20’s rugged construction. It can withstand the rigors of industrial environments while ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for critical operations.

Public Spaces

Stadiums, parks, and other public spaces can deploy this CPE to offer visitors reliable and high-speed internet access. Its ability to function in adverse weather conditions ensures connectivity even during outdoor events.

Healthcare and Education

Hospitals and schools can rely on the Horizon 2400F20 for dependable connectivity. Its secure network features are particularly valuable in healthcare settings where patient data must be protected, and in educational institutions where a stable internet connection is essential for remote learning

The Horizon 2400F20 is a remarkable 4G/LTE outdoor CPE that brings high-speed internet connectivity to a wide array of environments. Its technical specifications, including LTE Category 20 support, advanced security features, and remote management capabilities, make it a standout solution in the world of Fixed Wireless Access. Whether it’s connecting remote rural communities, bolstering industrial operations, or enhancing connectivity in public spaces and institutions, the Horizon 2400F20 is a reliable and robust choice for bridging the digital divide and ensuring seamless internet access for all.

Technical Specifications

LTE Categories

The Horizon 2400F20 supports both Category 20 and Category 12 LTE, adhering to 3GPP Release 14 standards. This dual-category capability ensures flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of networks and scenarios.


Powered by the Qualcomm SDX24 chipset, the Horizon 2400F20 leverages cutting-edge technology to provide seamless connectivity.

LTE Speeds

The device offers remarkable downlink speeds of up to 2Gbps, ensuring lightning-fast internet connectivity. On the uplink side, it supports speeds of 150Mbps, providing a balanced and efficient data transmission experience.

Supported Networks and Bands

The Horizon 2400F20 is compatible with a multitude of networks and bands, ensuring that it can be deployed across various geographic locations. Some of the supported bands include LTE FDD bands 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 17, 25, 26, 29, 30, 66, and 71, as well as LTE TDD bands 41, 46, and 48. Additionally, it supports UMTS/HSPA+ bands 2, 4, and 5.

MIMO and Carrier Aggregation

This CPE boasts a 4×4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) configuration, which enhances signal reception and transmission. Furthermore, it supports Carrier Aggregation (CA) up to 7CA, ensuring optimal data throughput.

Antenna Gain

The built-in high-power dual-polarized and dual-slant directional antennas provide an impressive antenna gain of 10 dBi. This high gain capability significantly extends the coverage area and improves signal quality, even in non-line-of-sight conditions.

Operational Modes

The Horizon 2400F20 offers flexible operational modes, including NAT (Network Address Translation), Router, and Bridge Passthrough. This versatility allows it to adapt to various network configurations and requirements.

SIM Card Slots

Equipped with two SIM card slots (2FF Mini), this CPE supports dual-SIM functionality, enabling redundancy and failover for uninterrupted connectivity.


The device optionally provides 2.4GHz WiFi with a maximum speed of 300Mbps and 2×2 MIMO. This WiFi capability enhances its usability for local network distribution.


With dimensions measuring approximately 275x275x137mm, the Horizon 2400F20 strikes a balance between compactness and functionality, making it suitable for installation in various environments.


The CPE features an IP66-rated hardened enclosure, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, sun, snow, frost, and more. This ensures its durability in outdoor deployments.

Operating Temperature

The operational temperature range of -40°C to 75°C further underscores the device’s resilience in extreme environmental conditions.


The Horizon 2400F20 is FCC certified, assuring compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines.